Dr. Leon Koziol, Parental Advocate, responds to Facebook troll and feminist agenda to harm March on Washington

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

This post is made necessary by a troll on my Facebook following of 5,000. That following is supplemented by another 1,000 here and countless more in viral supporters globally. This troll represents the first time in my ten year reform effort that someone has taken a cheap shot by depicting me as a “selfish” fathers’ rights advocate. The easy thing to do would be to delete her misguided comments and block her entirely, but I elected to keep her obstinate attacks in place with my replies so that followers could verify the sabotage which is occurring to our legitimate reform movement.

Let me summarize here this left field attack and my replies. As best I can make out, her name is Nyj Jyn. I have never met her or talked to her by my recollection, but given the vast number of calls taken without charge over the years, I must assume that she is vindictive for my inability to give her free legal advice. There is no other logical explanation for her ignorance and venom. I will address some of her more lucid attacks here:

First, I am anything but “selfish” in my reform activity. If I had been that, I would have surrendered my free speech, gotten reinstated from my indefinite license suspension and returned to a lucrative law practice. Instead I continue to advocate for moms and dads everywhere. The punishment for this continues to escalate. It is very serious because I am harming a gold mine of orchestrated and needless parental conflict. Former Senator Nancy Shaefer did the same. It ended with a highly suspicious murder-suicide at her home.

One other way of looking at my “selfless” sacrifices is a parallel to the young attorney who agreed to be a mole in the courts of Chicago during the famous joint sting “Operation Greylord.” I was in law school there at the time. He wore a recording device and was highly responsible for nearly 100 arrests, indictments and convictions of judges, lawyers, law enforcement and court clerks taking bribes and otherwise harming the civil rights of litigants. He was warned by the FBI that he might never practice again. Thirty years later, there will finally be a movie (or documentary) regarding his ordeal (not unlike police officer Serpico in New York.)

The parallels to my ordeal are striking with the exception that I have no FBI or whistleblower protection. Instead, in addition to the escalating retaliation from corrupt public officials, I have to endure ignoramus types who could spend their time more constructively. I have to conclude that the “moles” here are planted like my ex-secretary was to undermine conscientious stands of the kind I took against my profession. That secretary was finally and belatedly sent to jail for her crimes in 2016.

Next I am accused of being strictly a fathers’ rights advocate. The idea here is that by not advocating for mothers as well, I am, again, “selfish.” Fathers are clearly a discriminated class. Only the delusional types could argue otherwise. Because I seek parental equality or shared parenting by pointing out the obvious flaws to the current antiquated and lucrative custody system does not mean that I oppose mothers’ rights.

My record is clear on the subject even by a cursory reading of my ten year website, Leon Koziol.com. But the troll obviously did not read it, hence her ignorance and evil agenda are profound. On my site you will find costly video productions, major media and secondary interviews, rallies, conferences, reports to Congress and related authorities supporting an end to the corrupting of parents, children and families in these courts across the country. My 2009 class action effort filed in federal court was made on behalf of myself and “parents similarly situated.”

Nevertheless, absent any real proof to back her attack, my Facebook troll then resorts to the names of people she claims to support her opinion who do not actually agree with her. By thanking them for their own rightful opinions having nothing to do with her attack, she then makes them appear supportive of her. Some of the few she does cite are the knowledgeable ones who have read my work with at least two I actually visited at their homes to promote their own distinct interests.

For example, there is parent alienation victim Tamara Sweeney. Our video produced at her home, and published on my site long before Nyg Jyn came along, describes our joint efforts as a mom and a dad to root out court corruption and put an end to it. In 2013, I was selected to testify before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption at Pace University in Manhattan. I received an ovation from other speakers including a victimized attorney mother. That testimony and ovation are also available for viewing on my site.

Still, despite the debunking of her myth and defamation, Jyn presses on with specific events where she claimed I only presented my ordeal. She cites the 2017 Whistleblower Summit, a three day conference in Washington where I presented my unique history of judicial whistleblowing as a member of the New York Bar. This conference was designed to network and hear from whistleblowers of all kinds, so it was necessary to be personal. My spontaneous presentation was chosen among two others to be featured on a video by the sponsor of this Summit.

In 2014, Dr. Joseph Sorge of Divorce Corp recognized me on the opening day of his Family Reform Conference in Washington. He commended me and a woman lawyer for our reform commitments and sacrifices. On the last day, I spoke of our joint successes to earn a standing ovation from attendees. Joe did a video regarding my exposure of funding kickbacks which incentivize parent conflict for profit in our nation’s family courts. It earned me retaliation from the bar as explained at the conference and is available on You-Tube as well as my site. All this shows a commitment to all parents.

I have every right, as everyone else does regardless of gender, to protest my treatment as a father while advocating for all parents as part of a greater reform movement. But by separating the first from the second, my Facebook troll is able to paint me in a false light for her own “truly selfish” purposes, whatever they may be. I can only conclude that this Nji Jyn is part of that man-hating cult of feminists which is destroying families everywhere. To further set the record straight, I will add to my rightful position as an aggrieved dad with an excerpt from an earlier post:

Robin Williams took his life in 2014 at age 63 after a long battle with depression. It is an outcome which is increasingly common among the many good dads persecuted in these courts. 22 veterans are committing suicide each day, many as a result of parental alienation and child support debts, see i.e. Purple Heart’s Final Beat, Second Class Citizen.Org. Over the past 25 years, Census Bureau reports continue to show that nearly 85% of all parents paying child support are men, nearly all committed to jail terms for custody and support violations are men, and roughly 20% of all local arrest warrants are family court dads.

These ominous facts are aggravated further by a man-hating mission promoted by feminist-socialists bent on destroying parent-child relationships in favor of a state take-over of childrearing. It is following the same trend that education became institutionalized. Start with the dads, pit them against the moms, then take their children after blaming both parents for their custody “wars” and “battles.” This “War on Women,” the “Violence Against Women Act,” the “Future is Female,” and even the very phrase “Women’s Rights” prove that we are no longer a nation promoting equal rights but one engaged in a race for superior rights.

The latter statement was a featured argument in my recent case docketed by the Supreme Court seeking parental equality and legal protection for judicial whistleblowers (Leon Koziol v Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, Case No. 18-278). But the case was denied without so much as an opinion or dissent, proving once again that our high court is suppressing judicial misconduct, meaningful reforms and parental equality in favor of lawyer enrichment, federal funding abuses and political posturing.

I was appalled at the abuses inflicted upon Judge Brett Kavanaugh during his Senate confirmation hearings, but when he was narrowly approved, the newest member of our Supreme Court shocked me when announcing that an all female staff would be hired as his law clerks. This hiring move violates everything that the principle of equal rights stands for. Does an aspiring Harvard law graduate now have to masquerade as a woman to get Brett’s attention? Where does the victim go to file a sex discrimination claim?

Ironically, there was to outcry regarding this sexist hiring decision by the same feminists who were busy attacking Brett during his confirmation process. Apparently sexist practices are fine so long as women are the beneficiaries. Such a double-standard and double-cross by Brett Kavanaugh only adds now to the grounds for impeachment which had been promised by his adversaries. Today the men who were sympathetic to Brett’s ordeal have good cause to join the mission to remove him. A Democrat House of Representatives might be widely supported with Articles of Impeachment.

But apart from the Kavanaugh debacle, a counter-mission must be undertaken to defend against this man-hating onslaught which has reached a level of insanity. Men everywhere stood by as if helpless to the disgusting tirades and outright killer threats of so-called “women professionals” during that Supreme Court confirmation process. On September 18, 2018, Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono had a message for all men who dared to defend against false allegations in this “Me-Too” movement. She told the men of America to “Just shut up!”

Georgetown Professor Carol Christine Fair went much further. Emboldened by the sexist attack from a U.S. Senator, she tweeted, “Look at (this) chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement. All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to the swine? Yes.” Brett Kavanaugh was never even accused of a single rape by anyone despite the feeding frenzy of fame seeking liars. This freak of nature, Carol Fair?, should have been promptly committed to a mental institution or imprisoned for inciting the most serious kind of “Violence Against Men.” Instead she was rewarded with a sabbatical in Europe.

Imagine if a white male professor made such statements. More ominous, what exactly is being taught and promoted at these liberal elite universities? As a white male, I was and remain anything but entitled. My dad spent five years in a Nazi camp, I was raised in a violent, poor neighborhood, and I worked my way up the hard way, working odd summer jobs to pay my state college tuition. Even now I am being persecuted much like Susan B. Anthony was in her day. In my day, I successfully prosecuted sexual harassment cases, saved the careers of discriminated women and even represented a former president of the National Organization for Women.

The bottom line here is that this man-hating mission is only going to grow unless we victims respond. It is counter-productive to equal rights and meaningful reforms due to its divisive nature, exactly as our adversaries want it. To that end, I have been contacting victims to participate in a Parent March on Washington. It has four goals and three venues: First, the start of this March at the White House in support of a National Shared Parenting Bill; Second, a stop at the U.S. Capitol to repeal Title IV-D funding which being abused to reward family judges based on the number and size of child support orders they issue.

The vast adverse impact of Title IV-D incentive grants is decisional bias and the near 100% incarceration of male parents as its victims to maximize such funding. This is where my Facebook troll got her idea to falsify me strictly as a fathers rights advocate. It is only one of our major issues increasingly harming moms and children everywhere. The next stop is our nearby Supreme Court where court corruption is targeted for major reform. Victims will be given a stage to relate publicly their ordeals so that our highest court can verify a serious epidemic. Finally, an evening candlelight vigil will memorialize victims of parental alienation.

With nine years of restrictions, scrutiny and bankruptcy placed upon me, I cannot help everyone who calls me from around the country for free legal advice. My accomplishments are well recorded and unassailable. That is why I need donations and investments behind a court watch entity known as Parenting Rights Institute to hire and train advocates to monitor court proceedings of victims and expose the corruption in these courts. Our planned Parent March on Washington is set for May 3, 2019. If you will support either option just stated, feel free to call our office at (315) 380-3420 or me personally at (315) 796-4000.

Kindly spread the word as explained in the short and professionally produced documentary below: