Family Court Lawyer at Golf Course: “My Clients are Annuity Payments.” Make plans now for March on Washington!

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Imagine that, you’re an “annuity payment!” You visit a family law practice, get bamboozled by a lawyer telling you how much he or she will look out for your best interests, and then fork over your savings and college funds only to find after years of needless litigation that they were annuity payments (lawyer fees), nothing more. It’s all part of an abusive routine occurring in divorce and family courts everywhere.

So now, maybe you’re here reading this post, depressed, broke, looking for free therapy and wondering how you could have been so duped into believing this lawyer’s propaganda. How many have you been through? Surely they told you that our courts were acting “in the best interests” of our children, but did any of them explain how lawyers get paid by the amount of needless litigation they orchestrate, did at least one advise you how judges are rewarded by the amount and size of support orders through federal performance grants, and didn’t one tell you how jobs and wealth are created for fee predators by this antiquated custody system.

It’s all summarized in this free five minute video (above) entitled, Parents Under Siege, The Lawyer Epidemic and my book, Satan’s Docket: Corruption and Carnage in America’s Divorce Industry, available at I am asking all victims to stop lamenting and criticizing to no one who’s listening and join me in a Parent March on Washington, May 3, 2019, to demand a federal investigation of our nation’s divorce and family courts.

In Part Two of my video series, Parents Under Siege, to be released here this week, you will get a startling insight on “the judge epidemic” from a civil rights attorney and fellow parent victim who spent thirty years in these courts while advocating for reform across the country. Very educational! It could save you thousands. Get involved, make history and share this post. You can also call our office at (315) 380-3420 or e-mail me personally at