The Parent March on Washington: Here is its Purpose and Itinerary: Join Our Next Organizing Conference Call Every Thursday at 7pm EST

Parents Under Seige: The Judge Epidemic

Parents Under Siege: The Lawyer Epidemic



When and where:

May 3, 2019; Washington D.C. beginning at the White House

How it originated:

The Parent March was conceived by Dr. Leon Koziol, a parent rights advocate who practiced civil rights law for more than two decades without blemish. He successfully challenged gag orders, racist and sexist practices, and won substantial recoveries in federal and state courts, invalidating the largest (billion dollar) casino in New York in a declaratory judgment action.

Dr. Koziol was featured on 60 Minutes, New York Times and CNN. When he took a stand against corruption in our nation’s divorce and family courts, a horrific agenda of retaliation followed causing an indefinite suspension of his law licenses and child contact. That 12 year agenda was executed through criminal means and without accountability to date.

Who is sponsoring it:

The March is being promoted principally by the Parenting Rights Institute as an umbrella sponsor with others assisting. PRI is a judicial watch and parent advocacy organization founded by Dr. Leon Koziol in 2010. It has conducted parent conventions, lobbying initiatives, published books, self-representation and court strategy programs, video documentaries and traveled the country assisting moms and dads.

The PRI relies on donations and purchases but has remained grossly underfunded. The March seeks to bring together groups and advocates from all states to finally be heard by our government in a place where true reform can happen. We are hoping that you could join us as a co-sponsoring person or entity.

What is its purpose:

The single uniting purpose of this March is to get our Justice Department to investigate corruption in our divorce and family courts and Congress to open public  hearings regarding the horrific cases that are erupting there. The single uniting factor to justify federal involvement is Title IV-D of the Social Security Act which incentivizes parent conflict and rewards judges by the size and number of support orders they issue.

States abuse billions of dollars in federal money to keep parents fighting over their children, a trillion dollar industry that enriches lawyers, psychiatrists, drug companies (legal and illegal) and countless others purporting to dictate how we raise our children. The abuses are widespread and highly suppressed, yielding medicaid fraud, domestic violence and a fatherless society contrary to the purported “best interests of the child.” This March seeks to bring universal awareness to an epidemic that is destroying the constitutional fabric, productivity and moral fiber of an entire nation.

What is the agenda:

Thursday, May 2, 2019 – A lobbying day on the eve of this March seeks to impact our nation’s leaders. An action plan will be confirmed, 8 a.m. at the Harrington Hotel, 436 11th Street NW, Washington D.C. located ideally between the White House and Capitol. The PRI has used this hotel for lobbying and reform events including a news conference at the Supreme Court to announce the docketing of precedent seeking cases.

Groups with lobby packets will head to both houses of Congress with the hope that every elected member is notified at their offices of our purpose. By our experience, these representatives pay little or no attention to their constituents unless backed by a high profile special interest group. This will change when they see the seriousness of our message the next day.

Friday, May 3, 2019 – The White House

After a morning review session with key organizers at the hotel, marchers will begin assembling  at President’s Park in front of the White House. A permit is required for demonstrations having more than 25 participants, and it will be obtained upon confirmation of a worthy number. Here we will be calling upon the president and Justice Department to open an investigation of our nation’s family courts. We will also request support for a National Shared Parenting Bill.

At 1 pm, the March proceeds along Pennsylvania Avenue (or the National Mall depending on logistics) to Upper Senate Park where a stop will be made to request congressional hearings regarding the abuses of Title IV-D funding and family court corruption. The March will then resume toward the steps of the Supreme Court a short distance away behind the Capitol Building.

Here we will offer victims an opportunity to present their individual ordeals and pleas for an end to parental alienation caused by judges and lawyers in these courts. At 7 pm, we end the day on the opposite (front) side of the Capitol with a candlelight vigil for suicide and alienation victims.

Important:  The subjects and itinerary are not cast in stone. We anticipate input and modifications from volunteers as they join the event. However, we do not wish to jeopardize our effectiveness with a multitude of “beefs” that dilute our main message, that of ending divorce and family court corruption.

Such dilution became the downfall of the Women’s March on Washington the day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration. Many participating groups were not only at odds with one another, protesters became unruly and vulgar with their signs and ordeals. In the end, it was little more than a mob complaint about a citizen-candidate’s sexist remarks on a private jet.

That sort of gutter behavior will not be tolerated here. Our March is not an attack upon our elected leaders, Democrat or Republican, and it will not be exploited for a fringe purpose. Dr. Leon Koziol has advised many successful protest organizers without incident. One such protest was featured on 60 Minutes leading to a Supreme Court decision which overruled the one we were targeting. Here we hope to get the same court to hear a parental rights case that addresses overbroad judge immunities and an antiquated custody system.

Why should I come?

Your involvement may change history. We parents love our children but they are being exploited for money, turned against us, and taught to disrespect parents, teachers, principals and even law enforcement. We have to get our authority back, the way it’s been since the beginning of civilization. This epidemic is far more serious than you know.

Our message is not being heard because government is steadily eroding our parental rights for an eventual take-over of our children much the way education was institutionalized. You may be traumatized primarily because you do not understand what is happening and why. Now you can do something about it.

Indeed at a meeting in Manhattan with a high level delegate to the United Nations, we were advised to expect no sympathy from that body because this New World Order seeks to minimize parents in favor of “children’s rights.” That is a reversal of the natural order of humanity. It was the same vision of Adolph Hitler in his book Mein Kampf. Check it out.

You are wasting your time, money and energy on the countless “public awareness” campaigns, bizarre pro se lawsuits, and keyboarding from the comfort of your homes. Unless you enjoy therapy, no one is listening to you. That’s the reality based on Dr. Koziol’s thirty years of experience in law and politics. However, if we make ourselves known in our nation’s capital, the Justice Department will be compelled to open all its local offices to your complaints. Today they do not know you exist, they could care less about your injustices.

As the reform effort truly and finally progresses, imagine the hope we can generate to prevent future generations from experiencing the horrors and injustices we did. In this March, numbers are our strength. You mean something to us. You will finally be heard. In your last days on earth, you will sleep fondly knowing that you once were a part of something great, something they will talk about for generations to come. It will be a tribute to young men who gave up their lives and were deprived of their own children so we could exercise these rights. Against that sacrifice, how can you sit home and worry about a few hundred dollars to become a part of this tribute?

No excuses! You have three months to save and prepare. The Harrington Hotel is in a safe location, and easily accessed at the center of it all in our nation’s capital. The huge edifices, monuments and stately grounds are your property, the people’s domain. Don’t let them steal it from you. Make the pilgrimage to where it all began. This hotel has good accommodations as low as $125 daily for a single bed room. Train and air fares can be very economical if obtained in advance with free cancellations as close as two days prior to arrival. If there’s a will, there’s a way! Just do it!

However we need help and lots of it!

Join us Thursday, February 14, 2019 for our next nationwide conference call to discuss organizing efforts behind this Parent March on Washington. 

The call will start promptly at 7:00 PM EST!

If you would like to participate in this call or help organize this lobby and march event, call us  at (315) 380-3420 or Dr. Koziol at

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