Parental Alienation is Central to the Parent March on Washington: Join Us!


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

In the news article featured above, the attorney for Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, is pictured with his two children, Samantha and Jake, entering the federal courthouse for a sentencing proceeding after Cohen was found guilty of federal crimes. In similar fashion, President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary were supported by their daughter, Chelsea, after the former president was disbarred and impeached for making false statements under oath during sexual harassment proceedings.

In my world of dysfunctional family courts and retaliation for good government activity, I could not even obtain a phone call from my daughter on her birthday this past week. And I have never been disbarred or even accused of any crime. I have been wrongfully targeted for exposing judge and lawyer corruption that alienate and remove American children from their biological parents for money purposes.

This is a just cause deserving of praise and respect if history has taught our children anything in the schools we finance with our tax dollars. Instead, children are taught to despise their parents, fathers in particular, and disrespect the people who made their world possible. Then, the principals, teachers and authority figures wonder why there is so much crime, immorality, drug abuse, transmitted diseases and teen pregnancies in these same schools.

As I watched a few high school basketball games to support both of my daughters, I wondered if the players they were cheering had any idea what they might face one day in these courts. I thought how fortunate convicted criminal Michael Cohen was to have such loving and supportive offspring. I thought about our phone discussions in 2016 when Cohen reported that the Trump team would not have the time to get involved in any of our personal ordeals and how that contrasted with the personal ordeal of Stormy Daniels which will now send him to prison. He will have lots of time now to think about what could have been had he prioritized parental rights over the sexual escapades he was highly paid “to fix.”

Parent alienation is court corruption, a core theme of our March on Washington. As stated on Divorce Corp’s Base Camp website, our government could care less about the pain and suffering it inflicts on good moms and dads to keep the money flowing. The lawyers (and lawyers on the bench) here have little or no regard for the harm they routinely inflict upon our society. We must therefore stay out of these courts until such lawyers are bankrupted in the same manner they do to us, their horrific raids upon college funds, all in the so-called “best interests” of our children.

A growing number of parents familiar with my ordeal have announced a local effort to come before our school boards and involve them in this critical reform movement. They have asked me to address those boards publicly on their behalf as well.  But I cannot rely on talk alone. Our next nationwide conference call regarding the May 3rd Parent March on Washington is this Thursday at 7 pm. We are hoping to have all states represented. These calls will continue the same day and time every week until the day of our March. Our first one last week was a great success, however, we need all who are truly concerned about parental alienation to grow the numbers. Otherwise it will be yet another worthless event.

Get the details at Reproduce the summary and itinerary for our lobbying and march. Make this message viral. No one is going to do it for you. Get involved today for the sake of your families and future generations.

Dr. Leon Koziol

PRI Office: (315) 380-3420

E-mail for conference participation or event assistance is

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Just Released Professional Video Documentary Regarding Family Judge Corruption and Parent March


The Lawyer Epidemic, first of a video series entitled Parents Under Siege released in December, 2018 to introduce Parent March on Washington