THIS IS SERIOUS: Nationwide Conference Call tonight and every Thursday at 7 pm behind a Parent March on Washington

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This short documentary video by Parenting Rights Institute with a concluding home interview of its Director, Dr. Leon Koziol, explains the reasons behind the Parent March on Washington.

It was produced by an NBC crew and catalogues only some of the divorce and family judges nationwide who were sent to federal prison for taking custody bribes, harassing their mistresses and presiding over child support cases while impregnating a mom in chambers.

This video was not released for months in order to verify its shocking accuracy. It features only the very few judges who actually got caught. They exist in courts across America.

Fellow parents and victims: It’s time to expose the ones who are still out there by making noise at the May 3rd Parent March on Washington as detailed on this site, Only then will Congress and the Justice Department investigate these courts. Only then will their local offices be opened to your complaints!


This first of a documentary series entitled, Parents Under Siege, is a 6-minute video describing the need for a Parent March from a lawyer standpoint. Released in December, 2018, it exposes the “Lawyer Epidemic” in our nation’s divorce and family courts.

State bar associations and special interests are protecting their custody gold mine by suppressing and censoring our message of reform and accountability.

There are 300,000 lawyers in New York and California alone, more than a million elsewhere, and they’re growing by the day, anxious to exploit you and your families for jobs and fees.

That is bad enough, but when they raid college funds, put you in bankruptcy, keep the court process going for many years, inciting needless controversy and committing you to a debtor prison, it’s anything but the “best interests of your children” as they claim.

My friends, it’s long past the time for hiding our outrage. You will finally be heard through this March! Get involved. Make the call tonight. Trolls and moles employed by law firms and courts will be blocked. We are very serious and responsible about this March. Its itinerary has been established. Make the call by contacting PRI at (315) 380-3420 or e-mail at

At the suggestion of one of our participants last week, a Go Fund Me page was set up to help finance this March. Make your donation now by clicking anywhere on the link below: