Parent March on Washington (May 3rd): Join our next Conference Call this Thursday, 2/21 at 7 pm, live in Manhattan



We will be hosting our next nationwide conference call for organizing the May 3rd Parent March on Washington tomorrow, Thursday, February 21, 2019 at 7 pm. An update from our last meeting is available by clicking here. A number of reports regarding buses, car-pooling, local and regional organizing groups, state coordinators and funding is expected. A Go Fund Me page has been up for about a week.

The first week of May in Washington typically has temperatures of mid-seventies for a high and mid-fifties for a low. Hence, for those staying in vans, campers or cars, the environment is very conducive. Temperatures after May can be unbearable, and spring in our nation’s capital is beautiful this time of year with flowers blooming everywhere. The annual Cherry Blossom Festival starts in late March and concludes roughly three weeks prior to our May 3rd March.

There are sign companies near the route of our March that specialize in events such as this. Heritage, Next Day Sign and Commercial Printing are examples. We want to solicit as many court victims in the Capital Region as possible since they are more likely to attend and assist. Tomorrow’s meeting will be hosted at the Courtyard Marriott; 1717 Broadway; 4th Floor. This will allow us to meet in person for those in the New York Metropolitan Area who would like to join us. Several are already committed.

After state-by-state roll call and an introduction, we will continue with ideas and strategies for growing our numbers. Reports are expected with the hope that all callers from our first two conferences will join newcomers to double participation every Thursday at 7 pm. Use the the same call number and access code every time. If you do not have it, call me personally in the city on my mobile number at (315) 796-4000. We are screening out “moles and trolls.”

A single defining purpose of this March is the sake of Liberty. Most people are not aware that the Supreme Court has declared the parenting right to be the “oldest liberty interest protected by our Constitution,” i.e. Troxel v Granville, 530 US 57 (2000). We are losing that right every year, my friends, as these divorce and family courts erode it without resistance of any kind. We will record each case example in Washington. Again we are demanding congressional hearings and a Justice Department investigation of these courts.



Tomorrow’s conference call will be hosted here at Courtyard Marriott; 1717 Broadway, 4th Floor Business Conference Center, one block up from Sullivan Theater (Stephen Colbert Show).

Short video documentaries below produced by an NBC crew summarize the reason and itinerary for the Parent March on Washington.


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