Legal and Illegal Bribery in our Courts: Know Why You Lost Your Child and Take Action at the Parent March on May 3rd

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By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Our third nationwide conference call was completed with growing enthusiasm this past Thursday regarding our May 3rd Parent March on Washington. It was hosted live at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Manhattan where a group of aggrieved parents met before and after the call to discuss strategy.

Among the topics was our main purpose of getting Congress and Justice Department to hold hearings and order an investigation of corruption in our nation’s divorce and family courts. We feature a regular posting of judge corruption on this site and it is posted again here. That short video produced by an NBC crew catalogues only a few judges who were sent to prison for taking bribes in divorce, custody and support cases.

One of those at our meeting had not viewed this video because he was unaware of the “Kids for Cash Scandal” in Pennsylvania, one of the corruption cases selected for this video. We all recognize that taking kickbacks from detention center contractors in exchange for false juvenile convictions to fill those centers is a serious crime for which two judges were sent to federal prison.

But what about legal bribes or kickbacks in federal funding for mandatory and elevated support awards that fill our county jails, nearly 100% of which are fathers? Under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act, state judges are rewarded by the size and number of support orders they issue. These orders are enforced through draconian practices such as debtor prisons and forced suicides.

Where is the accountability for this sort of barbaric and criminal behavior? How does an imprisoned dad serve the “best interests” of his children? Billions of dollars are needed by states such as New York which recently disclosed (after Election Day) a record 2.3 billion debt. And the federal government which is handing out these kickbacks is growing a record federal deficit which may result in an economic depression of massive proportion.

Someone has to stand up to this insanity which exploits our children for money. Enough is enough. Join our movement now. Call in to our Thursday evening conferences, learn vital information to benefit your case and make plans to attend our March on May 3rd. You can come up with countless excuses to stay home but in the end, you’re only harming yourself, your families and future generations.

Don’t expect others to do this March for you, because they’re thinking and acting with the same apathy. No-show means no-change, more lawyer fees, endless conflict, parent alienation without justice and corruption without accountability. It is corruption of epic proportion. Now how hard is that message to understand? We are marching to end it in the courts which take our children at great profit to the legalized kidnappers.

Call our PRI office at (315) 380-3420 or e-mail me personally at to offer your donations or assistance to this vital cause. Spread the word.