Parent March organizers urge victims to pass out notices for our May 3rd event in court parking lots

Sponsored by the Parenting Rights Institute, the short videos below give the reason and itinerary for the May 3rd Parent March on Washington to end corruption in our nation’s divorce and family courts. One version of a promotional flyer is found at the bottom of this Post.



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Among the ideas coming out of our third nationwide conference call of February 21, 2019, is the dissemination of posters, mailers and flyers in family court parking lots and community locations. Even those victims without resources to come to our Parent March on Washington, May 3rd, can help our cause in this manner. One version of a flyer is offered below. You can copy it, add or subtract with your grievance, and get started today for the sake of your children, families and future generations. Help us raise needed funds.


Join the Parent March on Washington to demand a federal investigation of our corrupt divorce and family courts!

 1) We want to end billions of dollars in federal kick-backs that reward judges by the size and number of support orders they issue.

2)  We want a national shared parenting bill to mitigate abusive custody laws that alienate children from their parents.

3)  We want better oversight of judicial misconduct, lawyer over-billing practices, child protection and support collection agencies

4)  We want parental rights to be protected without discrimination

5)  We want an end to debtor prisons and childrearing dictates

6)  We want to end lucrative referrals for needless evaluations

7)  We want accountability for custody tactics and false charges.

 It’s time for aggrieved parents to make a long overdue stand against court abuses that are destroying families and harming our children!

This March will start at the White House, 1 pm on May 3rd and end at the Supreme Court. Plan now, spread the word, bring your signs and grievances, and get details from the event sponsor, Parenting Rights Institute at or call (315) 380-3420.