New Promotional Video Donated for Parent March on Washington: Share it with Court Victims


As the momentum grows behind our May 3, 2019 Parent March on Washington, contributors are growing as well. After our last nationwide conference call of March 6, 2019 and meeting the same day at Courtyard Marriott in Manhattan, New York City resident Marcello Roque produced this promotional video. Less than a minute and a half long, it nicely summarizes the purpose and itinerary for this event. Currently going viral, we need everyone to share it.

If we are ever going to get accountability and reform to our abusive divorce and family court processes, a large showing is needed in our nation’s capital. There has never been an effective presence of parents anywhere to convince leaders that an epidemic is underway. This video does not include our lobby campaign in the halls of Congress on May 2, 2019. For details, hit upper link.

We are also hoping to have a vehicle caravan of American parents to shift focus from illegal immigrant separations to parent separations occurring in our courts. If enough interest is shown, a New York caravan could begin at 10 a.m. on May 1, 2019 at Liberty Park, New Jersey. Other cities could do the same. A suggested ending is the Veterans Memorial in Washington to commemorate the horrific number of suicides traceable to parental alienation. Check out: Purple Heart’s Final Beat, Second Class

While we remain focused on the March as the main event, these options will be available for those who want to make their mark in other ways. As of today, our advertised hotel, The Harrington, is sold out. But there may be cancellations or a waiting list. Richard Monzone is working on a group rate at the Washington Plaza Hotel. There is also the Days Inn at 4400 Connecticut Avenue NW, one of the lowest cost lodging in the area. We will keep you posted.

We have flyer templates for you to use and pass out in courthouses and their parking lots or anywhere else that can grow our numbers. Soon we will offer news releases for people to sponsor and submit to media in their home towns. As we all know, mainstream media has not been reporting on this epidemic but small town and social media can be exploited to overcome it.

IMPORTANT: Join our weekly Thursday conference calls at 7pm EST to get involved in strategy sessions and updates, call (605) 313-4165. Punch in 763491 access code when prompted.

Finally, you can call event sponsor, Parenting Rights Institute, at (315) 380-3420 anytime.