American Parent Alienation vs Alien Parent Separation: Time to Set Priorities at May 3rd Parent March on Washington


The above video provides a wonderfully balanced presentation of parent alienation and the extensive corruption which is being suppressed in our nation’s divorce and family courts. It comes from a book publishing standpoint and supports the need for our March on Washington

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

For too long now, we have been inundated with media stories about the horrific separation of illegal alien parents from their children at the border. Meanwhile no concern or compassion has been shown by our own government for American parents lawfully residing here who are being separated in far greater numbers in our nation’s divorce and family courts.

It’s long past the time for us to take a stand on this, to set the priorities straight in Washington. That is why the Parenting Rights Institute is being joined by parental advocates, court victims and reform groups from across the country for a March on Washington, May 3rd beginning at 1 pm at the White House and ending at the Supreme Court. There is also a Parent Vehicle Caravan proposed to start at Liberty Park, New Jersey on May 1, 2019 at 10 am ending at the Veterans Memorial in Washington.

We are hoping to elicit similar caravans from other cities with tractor trailers, bikers and family vehicles to send a four hour (driving time) message to national media and the public. On May 2nd we are conducting a lobby initiative to bring additional attention to this March the next day.

It is a three day affair to end parental alienation, family court corruption, persecution of good fathers and a request for a congressional hearing and investigation of Title IV-D funding abuses. You can get a one minute video summary by clicking here or a more detailed itinerary by clicking here. For an inspirational aspect to our march, check out our historical applications.

Please join us every Thursday on a nationwide conference call to promote these events. Call (605) 313-4165 at 7 pm EST and punch in the access code 763491 when prompted. No war stories, negativity, vulgarity or personal attacks. This is a very serious and professional undertaking which is building momentum with each passing day.

Here is an opening excerpt from a report by the Parenting Rights Institute which will be distributed to event participants, media and key members of Congress in coming days:


A Federally Funded Epidemic

Request for Oversight Hearing and Investigation of Federal Funding Abuses that are Permanently Separating Parents from their Children in Divorce and Family Courts

While our federal government continues to obsess itself with illegal immigrants separated from their children, American parents are being routinely separated without accountability in divorce and family courts across our country. Through a federal Child Support Standards Act, a statutory creature known as a “custodial parent” is mandated for states to qualify for billions of dollars in annual funding. This, in turn, forecloses shared parenting laws and co-parenting incentives.

Under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act, 42 USC Section 658(a), state courts earn vast amounts of revenues from our federal government through performance grants based on the number and size of child support orders satisfied. Not only does this create an inherent and systemic bias among divorce and family judges, it incites needless conflict between warring parents created by an oppositional framework of childrearing and dispute resolution.

Originally intended to capture absentee fathers to recoup aid given to needy families, Title IV-D has been expanded since 1975 to encompass all “non-custodial parents,” good and bad. Federal funding to the states was thereby increased exponentially. Such a performance-based program has not proven very effective, and in countless cases counter-productive, but it did cause immeasurable and irreparable harm to parent-child relationships.

Federal money thrown at divorce and family courts in this way has become the proverbial gas thrown on a fire. As veteran family judges have observed, this oppositional framework leads to a winner-take-all contest that draws the worst from parents at a time when children need their best, see i.e. Webster v Ryan, 729 NYS2d 315 (Fam. Ct. 2001) at fn 1. In Webster, “parenting time” was used over “custody” and “visitation” due to a system which has “outlived its usefulness.”

From the current antiquated framework, an epidemic has emerged which is producing escalating harm to government, families and society as a whole. It is a silent epidemic suppressed by special interests and bar associations which benefit from custody and support battles. Federal funds have induced states to seize parental authority beyond the rational limits of the judges and lawyers they license to regulate family relationships. It is an epidemic which has threatened the building blocks of civilized societies since the beginning of creation.

The separation here is not the simple product of divorcing or separated parents. It is an insidious form of separation, far worse than the kind experienced by immigrants, because children are being programmed to ignore, even hate their parents, for the principal purpose of advancing lawyer profits and court revenues. Worse yet, it is done every day without so much as a pause from federal lawmakers who, knowingly or not, funded the parent-child separations.

This insidious form of separation has become understood as “Parental Alienation.” That term derives from the work of Dr. Richard Gardner, an American child psychologist who produced books and studies to show a condition known as Parent Alienation Syndrome or PAS. This condition emerged from custody and support wars featuring one or both parents abusing our courts for reasons other than the “best interests of children.” By removing the “non-custodial parent” from children’s lives, the alienator and courts guarantee a support and revenue stream.

In short, parent alienation is a symptom, not a psychological condition, and it is the consequence of this federal Title IV-D funding scheme. However, both the symptom and condition are denied due to the powerful interests which benefit from them. It can be compared to tobacco companies which denied the harmful effects of smoking for decades to resist protective laws or even those who deny the Holocaust. The time has long passed for our federal government to take action regarding this growing epidemic.