A Joint Request for Investigation of Family Courts will overcome neglect of individual cases: Bring your summaries to Congress at our Parent March

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

One of our followers sent me an e-mail summarizing a common experience of parents who are abused in our nation’s divorce and family courts. I get so many of these. Is this familiar to you? It is why we must join hundreds of these cases to get an investigation started at the highest level of government, where billions of dollars in federal aid is being mis-spent for these courts, where suicides and needless violence are incited due to a common belief that these courts lack proper accountability. We are facing a growing epidemic due to the suppression of court corruption.

Dear Dr. Koziol:

May be you should tell Congress of my experience with family court corruption, simply put as follows:

District Attorney says it will prosecute crimes by Court personnel, but it must be investigated first.

State Police refuse to investigate these crimes.

Private Investigators do not have access to Search Warrants.

Only access to Grand Jury is via District Attorney or Attorney General.

Governor’s Council will not return calls about crimes of judges and clerks.

Governor will not get involved or overrule his Department of State Police.

Legislature will not correct loophole in jurisdiction of Judicial Conduct Board.  (See below)

FBI will not investigate this political corruption.

The perfect crime!


My case has four altered recordings, one destroyed motion, fraud by Court, fraud by attorneys.  Everyone lied except me. Wife never did financial disclosure but said she did.  Her lawyer knew this and I have submitted proof, but judge was involved from the beginning say the State Police.

Best wishes,

David Ring

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