With Mueller Report in, timing is perfect for our May 3rd Parent March on Washington: Join our Conference Calls!

Sean Hannity, Dr. Koziol and Dr. Braverman

The timing could not be better. With the costly two-year Mueller investigation over and no indictments of the president, Donald Trump would now welcome U.S. parents marching for fair treatment in our domestic courts. We are asking Congress to pay more attention to our own parents legally residing here who are wrongfully separated from their children with federal money instead of the illegal ones at our borders.

The Parenting Rights Institute is seeking to turn our nation’s attention to American parents wrongfully separated from their children in divorce and family courts. We need numbers to convince Congress that our tax dollars would be better spent on a federal investigation of the real life abuses in these courts. Join our nationwide conference calls every Thursday at 7 pm EST to learn and help out. Call (605) 313-4165, access code when prompted: 763491.

We have now published our new Parent March on Washington Facebook Page as we continue to receive calls of support from all 50 states. If you love America’s children, spread the word. This three-day event is happening. Don’t be left out.