Parent March Gaining Momentum Despite Facebook Censorship. Join Nationwide Calls Every Thursday.

Three videos were submitted to Facebook on our new page promoting the Parent March on Washington this week. The introductory one above, produced by an NBC crew in December, was not approved. No explanation was given unlike the other two that were approved. This one focused on the lawyer epidemic and that may be the culprit. View it here to draw your own theories. In less than 48 hours, we received 160 likes.

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

How can there be so much misconduct, human rights violations and abuse of federal funds in our nation’s divorce and family courts with nothing on the radar to correct this epidemic? It’s called big money, and that can hide or correct anything, even 22 felonies dropped in the Jussie Smollett case. We’re fighting a trillion dollar industry created by an antiquated child custody system and billions of dollars in federal funds that support it.

This will explain the lack of media coverage, disregard by government leaders, and the many failed reform efforts to date. Nancy Schaefer was taken out in 2010, numerous rallies failed to turn up numbers, the 2014 Divorce Corp conference was reduced to a gripe among sore losers, the Million Parent March in 2017 became the March for a Million Parents after a poor showing, Dr. Carlos Rivera went to a debtor prison despite his reform crusade, and Kash Jackson was minimized.

The Parent March on Washington is now ideally timed to finally turn the tide. They’re not listening to us, so we must shout louder, we have to band together, get out of our foxholes and make a united stand against court corruption which wrongfully separates American parents from their children. We’re gaining momentum and that scares the lawyers, judges and politicians who exploit our children for profit and revenues. Already, two complaints have been lodged against Facebook for their censoring of our vital public message.

That’s got to tell you something. But all this hard earned momentum developed by a few will go the way of all the prior failures unless you get seriously involved. Spread the word, overcome the censorship with old-fashioned phone and personal contact, and join our nationwide conference calls every Thursday 7pm EST. Call (605) 313-4165 and enter access code 763491 when prompted. We’re in this together and it’s only five (5) weeks away!