Parents Must Make A Stand Against Court Corruption in Washington: Are You A Coward or True American Patriot?


As much as Captain Benjamin Martin (played by Mel Gibson) tried to avoid war as a concerned parent, he was forced all too late to join when the British harmed his family. They did so to keep undue taxation through unconstitutional practices . Family court custody wars work the same way. Don’t wait until it’s too late for your family and future generations.

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

President candidate Kirsten Gillibrand recently called Donald Trump a “coward” for not bowing to her liberal-socialist views. While condemning parent-child separations among illegal immigrants forcing their way over our borders, she did nothing to investigate parent alienation and wrongful parent-child separations among her own constituents residing legally here.

How much is enough?  When do we resume our proud American heritage and finally fight back? On May 3rd, courageous parents and family court victims are going to send a message in Washington that we’ve had enough: enough of judicial misconduct, lawyer greed, the control of our children for profit, the rich getting richer by exploiting them, and federal revenues that reward judges for the controversies they promote.

The Parenting Rights Institute has organized a Parent March on Washington to send this patriotic message. No more taxation of our parent-child relationships (the way federal Title IV-D funding actually works), no more parental alienation to make the lucrative and antiquated child custody system work (moms no longer stay-at-home and dads are no longer sole providers), no more debtor prisons (to feed the feminist man-hating agenda), and no more corruption under the guise of the so-called “best interests” of our children.

This is money sucking propaganda of the most pedophile order. Get motivated by viewing a short video which applies the blockbuster movie, The Patriot, to this modern day government abuse. Then join us tonight (every Thursday) for our nationwide conference calls, 7pm EST, call (605) 313-4165, enter the access code, 763491, when prompted. This is exciting, it may even become historical. So don’t sit home ruminating about your problems or you will miss out.

Share this message because we are being highly censored and must overcome that oppression fueled by greed and over-taxation.

In short, do you truly love God, your children and your country?