Reminder: Conference Call Tonight and Every Thursday, 7pm EST, for Organizing the Parent March on Washington

Call: (605) 313-4165, then enter access code 763491 when prompted

Sponsored by the Parenting Rights Institute, this Parent March on Washington is now a 3-day event: May 1, 2019, the Parent Vehicle Caravan converges on Washington from various points including one leaving Liberty Park, Jersey City at 10 am. On May 2nd, we are sponsoring a full day lobby initiative in Congress. On May 3rd, the March begins in front of the White House at 1 pm ending at the Supreme Court. Permits have already been submitted and a lobby packet is being prepared.

Our purpose is to shift national focus from parent-child separations at our borders to parent-child separations in our own corrupted family courts funded by federal aid (Title IV-D program). The first two videos below have been censored by Facebook. The last one (first one submitted) got past their notice and has reached thousands so far. This is an exciting grass roots effort without funding or the backing of any political party or special interest. It could make history and start a serious and long overdue reform movement.

Be a part of it and get others to join.




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