U.S. Department of Interior Grants Permit for the May 3rd Parent March on Washington in front of the White House


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

(315) 796-4000

Major developments continue regarding the support and timing of our Parent March on Washington. The National Park Service issued us a permit for a rally to be conducted at Lafayette Park in front of the White House on May 3, 2019. Our original application had us at President’s Park, but Permit Agents suggested Lafayette Park because this is the coveted location that is closest and most visible from the White House.

Fortunately it was not too late of a change. The site was not already reserved, and now it is ours. We will gather and begin rallying at Noon. A giant banner will face the White House. We leave for our March down Pennsylvania at 1 pm. Stragglers and clean-up will end our presence at that site by 1:30 pm.

The significance of this cannot be understated. At present, all three branches of our federal government are clashing over a subpoena issued by the Congressional (House) Oversight Committee upon the president in connection with the Mueller Report and impeachment efforts. That subpoena may soon come before the Supreme Court.

If you look at my posts months back on this site, http://www.leonkoziol.com, I predicted this. I have also regularly emphasized during our nationwide conference calls that a window of opportunity will emerge for parents to take center stage during this clash at this prime time period.

Our overriding message behind this March is to shift attention from parent-child separations at our borders to parent-child separations here in our nation’s divorce and family courts. The people of this country, both Republican and Democrat, are fed up with these costly investigations for political gain.

While they’re playing politics, the issues they were elected to address are being ignored. Our many news releases and submissions to the same oversight committees on both sides of Congress continue to be ignored, and that is all the proof we need to justify our March.

Yesterday’s conference call produced a record number of participants, more than 100 altogether. Many gave up after being unable to enter the call due the the sheer number calling in at the same time. Many first-time participants did not mute their phones, other late arrivals missed our early house rules and interrupted time and again.

The confusion caused many to exit early but they were already on board.  The ones who stayed patient or persistent included a former New York prosecutor, business owners, veterans, law enforcement and parent alienation victims, all concerned moms and dads.

Our conference calls are daily now (excluding Saturday and Sunday) until April 30, 2019, the evening before our American Parent Caravan which leaves Liberty State Park for D.C. at 10 am, May 1st. Our complete 3-day itinerary and purpose can be found by clicking here.

Tonight is an “Open Microphone” session where we will hear from anyone who has a story or ordeal to tell. We have prohibited such discourse in past calls because they could swallow up the entire session with no progress. Such prohibition has allowed us to make great strides in a short period of time. However with daily calls, we are now in a position to hear from you directly and immediately with no business reports.

The nationwide conference call begins, as always at 7 pm EST. The number and access code are also the same. It will be the same throughout our four hour motorcade to Washington. It will be the same throughout our 3-day event for those who wish to communicate or network with one another. That number and code (when prompted) is (605) 313-4165. Code is 763491.

No more talk, excuses or keyboarding to the choir. And no more rejections by our government. Our time is now and we mean to take it. Be there! Spread the word today!