Two Division March on Washington: Front and Rear Banners. Don’t Miss Tonight’s Nationwide Conference Call



By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

There is too much to report today regarding our three-day event entitled Parent March on Washington, May 1-3. You need to get on our daily conference calls. A big one is tonight at 7 pm EST. As usual, call (605) 313-4165. Access code 763491.

The above 4 by 8 foot banners will head two divisions of participants from the White House down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol and Supreme Court, a march which permit agents advise will take only 40-45 minutes led by a police escort. This event is growing by the hour and establishes a turning point in how parents are treated in America’s divorce and family courts.

We should not take second class citizen status to non-citizens committing crimes at the borders to receive all our free services while the same government is bankrupting us in these courts to pay for such services. This has gotten beyond insane and its time for sane parents to straighten it out. But this event is costly. We need both your support and donations on this site,

The above conference call number and this website will remain the source of information until the last event, our Candle Light Vigil at Area One in front of the U.S. Capitol beginning at 7 pm on that last day, Friday, May 3, 2019.