St. Johns University Professor Anthony Pappas is our featured guest on tonight’s Parent March National Conference Call


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

As we get closer to our Parent March on Washington next Friday, we continue to feature guests on our daily nationwide conference calls.  Some will also be featured at our Speakers Event on the eve of the March at the Congressional Ballroom of the Holiday Inn Capitol Hotel and Conference Center, 550 C Street SW. Washington D.C. Click here to learn about our entire 3-day affair designed to obtain a federal investigation of corruption in our nation’s divorce and family courts.

Tonight’s guest is St. Johns University Professor Anthony Pappas. A victim of horrific abuses in the Nassau County divorce system of New York, he will outline how a series of judges systematically harmed his career, lifelong reputation and family in retaliation for his whistleblower activities and reform efforts.

Dr. Pappas has a PhD from Yale University and a Master degree from MIT among many other credentials. In 2018, he was the Republican endorsed candidate for Congress against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He will be speaking and lobbying with us at our Lobby Day on May 2nd in Congress and we expect that he will be able to open doors for us there.

On other matters, we now have a head parade marshal for our March beginning at the White House at 1 pm next Friday. He is a Marine veteran familiar with Washington. Another one of our Marshals is expected to join as well. He is a Super Bowl winner who resides in Washington.

Organizer Kim Durkee remains hospitalized and, unlike yesterday, she was unable to converse with me today on the telephone. Her husband contacted me and reported that both he and she will be unable to attend our events. She was rushed to the hospital during our Wednesday conference call. We therefore need others to step up to the plate and assist with event set-ups, etc.

Tomorrow’s conference call will be open to anyone who wants to network for rides, promotions of our event, etc. I will not be on that call. However, on Sunday, April 28, 2019 at the same 7 pm EST, and same call number and code, we will feature:

“An Evening with Susan Settenbrino”

Susan is a former New York prosecutor who was targeted as I was for her exposure of court corruption. She conducted a workshop at the 2014 Divorce Corp Family Law Reform Conference in Washington D.C. She is an avid supporter of our March and is armed with a treasure trove of information to show how corruption is protected in these courts. You will not want to miss it.

On Monday we have our nationwide roll call of March participants. Get on the phones and get everyone to call in. We hope to have every state represented.

As always, the Call number is (605) 313-4165. Access Code when prompted is: 763491.