An Evening with Susan Settenbrino: Sunday Night’s, Parent March, Special Guest is a Former New York Prosecutor


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Here is today’s update on our Parent March on Washington set for next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The March itself will begin at 1 pm on the last day, Friday, May 3, 2019 on the north side of the White House (Lafayette Square Park). Dr. Mark Roseman was confirmed today as one of our guest speakers at the Congressional Ballroom; Holiday Inn Capitol Hotel and Conference Center; 550 C Street SW, Washington D.C.

A final speakers list will be published on this site on Monday, April 29. On that day during our 7 pm EST nationwide conference call, we will give you updates and a roll-call of March participants from all 50 states. I am asking everyone to get people on the call from all states to make this possible.

We have also reinstated our case summaries to our Lobby Packets for distribution to all members of Congress on Lobby Day, May 2nd. They will be compiled into an addendum report entitled “Parent March on Washington.” This was made possible by a last ditch effort between Melissa Antio, myself and my printer after last night’s call which featured a fine presentation by Dr. Anthony Pappas, Professor of Economics at St. Johns University. He will be one of our featured speakers next Thursday.

Tonight is an open dialogue night at 7 pm EST. I will not be on the call. This is your chance to network for rides and lodging. Tomorrow (Sunday) at 7 pm, I will feature our third special guest of the week, Attorney Susan Settenbrino, a former New York City prosecutor. She was on our call this past Monday and she sponsored a court corruption workshop at Dr. Joseph Sorge’s Divorce Corp, Family Law Reform Conference in Washington D.C. in 2014. I also spoke at that conference and did a video documentary sponsored by Dr. Sorge in 2015. You can find it on-line by typing my name and Divorce Corp. That interview contains a major part of our message at this March.

Susan comes armed with fascinating information and statistics regarding court corruption and she even wrote a book on the subject. So don’t miss an opportunity to ask her questions at the conclusion of her presentation. We’re calling it:

“An Evening with Susan Settenbrino”