The “Melissa Report”: Far Better than Mueller and coming to a Congress Member near you at our Parent March


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Like everything else that’s coming together so nicely for our Parent March on Washington, the case summaries compiled by Melissa Antio of Michigan are now being bound in a 34-page lobby addendum I’ve titled “The Melissa Report.” I just can’t get over that brainstorm which places our entire 3-day event on a par with the Mueller Report that will be dominating Congress as I predicted three months ago. Okay, it’s not 300 plus pages, but who really wants to read all that political nonsense. Aren’t we all tired of these costly politics?

The tide can change dramatically with the simple assertion of a first name that tells Congress it’s time to be thinking of us, your constituents. So I have to thank Melissa’s own mom and dad for giving her that first name for such an opportune time and the mind to put together such fine stories. I edited and opened the report with our March and its purpose but the last 30 pages are unedited simply because it adds that critical personal touch to our mission.

I am referring all followers here to an earlier post to rally everyone to our cause, an edited segment of the movie, The Patriot, which I worked hard on. You really need to check it out. See you on tonight’s final conference call at 7 pm EST. Then, let the party begin!