Parental Rights Advocate Dr. Leon Koziol Addresses Rally at New York State Capitol


By Administrator


Dr. Koziol was invited last week to address a fathers’ rally at the New York State Capitol in Albany. Unfortunately he was unaware of the event until contacted by Glen Svoboda only a few days beforehand. Although Leon has been preoccupied with new projects and a recently filed court action to challenge court corruption, he was able to make time at the last minute to attend. The speakers were many, some from distant states, and several attended our Parent March on Washington this past May 1, 2 and 3.

As a result. Leon was added to the speakers list near the end. There were many lengthy presentations, war stories and lectures. More than half the crowd had left by the time Leon got to the podium. It was a hot Saturday afternoon, August 17, 2019 and all surrounding government buildings were closed. Very few pedestrians were around to draw interest. Only Spectrum showed up to cover this event.

For this reason we have to exploit social media to get our message of reform and accountability public. This video was made by one from our group who attended this event. Help us spread the word.