No Warrant Issued, Parental Rights Case Continues in Federal Court: Time to join rally set for this Month !


By Administrator


Parenting Rights Institute

In our early morning post, we alerted you to a proceeding in New York Family Court today where a rogue, rude and racist judge, Gerald Popeo was prepared to issue an arrest warrant and jail term against Dr. Leon Koziol.

Leon is a parental and civil rights advocate who was deprived of his daughters, reputation, law licenses and much more in retaliation for his whistle blowing and court reform activity over the past decade. Somehow Leon survived the latest attack, this time largely due to a removal (transfer) of his recently filed state court action to federal court by the New York Attorney General. Click here for details.

That action, Leon Koziol, individually and on behalf of Child “A” and Child “B” v State of New York, Judge Gerald Popeo, Support Magistrate Natalie Carraway and others in New York Supreme Court was removed to federal court this week due to substantial federal constitutional questions raised in the 26-page complaint filed on August 7, 2019. Such removal in domestic matters is extraordinarily rare given all the routine federal case dismissals due to deference practices to state court. Review the complaint by clicking here: (Koziol Complaint Dated August 7, 2019)

We may not get another opportunity to make overdue precedent for shared parenting, an end to Title IV-D debtor prisons, and proper recourse for parental alienation. Consequently we need you to spread the word about this case and join us in a rally in favor of federal justice and a protest to remove Popeo from the bench. Check out the shocking public censure issued against him by the New York Judicial Conduct Commission here: (Utica city court judge Popeo censured).

A tentative date of September 26, 2019 has been set for a march beginning at the Oneida County Courthouse to City Court in Utica, New York. It will pattern the successful Parent March on Washington which we sponsored with a police escort down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. this past May.

Call Parenting Rights Institute at (315) 380-3420 or contact Leon directly at (315) 796-4000.