Should someone “blow the whistle” on this lawyer at his client’s sentencing?

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By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Okay, you be the judge! Is he just snoozing or completely passed out? This was a front page local photo of an attorney at his client’s sentencing on lewd conduct charges. A city fire fighter, the client was found guilty after a bench trial and is pictured here wide awake and highly concerned about his fate. Not so with his lawyer who was presumably already paid for his “professional legal services” by advance retainer.

It would appear that the newspaper photographer was trying to send a public message but there was no mention of the lawyer’s condition in the story itself. Should we wonder why this guy lost his case at trial? As a practitioner for over two decades, I have seen lawyers and judges in a drunken state.

One judge was quietly referred to treatment. Another lawyer reeked of alcohol during plea bargain discussions in chambers. So concerned was I for his client (not my case) that I asked if the judge would take action. None to my knowledge ever was. The client there certainly had cause for malpractice and ineffective assistance of counsel.

Any attorney who tries to override a judge can face severe retributions through an abuse of discretion and judicial office. My whistleblower reports to the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption (Pace University, 9/17/13); Judicial Conduct Commission (2010-present) and Congress (May 2, 2019) led to horrific retributions including a loss of child contact without any criminal charge, moving violation, child protection report or evenly applied ethics violation. It also caused a record 10 year suspension of my law license.

Despite all this, the ethics lawyers engaged in the witch hunt against me stated at a closed hearing in 2013 that they would continue to oppose my reinstatement as long as I continued to expose judicial corruption. They even attached seven (7) posts from this website as examples to support a continued suspension (to eternity). Shortly afterward, a family judge put a gag order on this site which was removed six months later after I sued him in New York Supreme Court.

As fate would have it, that judge was removed from my case and those attorneys (chief ethics lawyer and his two deputy lawyers) were caught falsifying their time sheets only weeks later. They were allowed to resign without any public charges, criminal or ethical.

Those ethics lawyers (Torncello, Zayas and Devane) were charged with a duty to stop over billing practices. Instead they were rewarded with a return to private practice. Who knows how many clients have been over billed since then.

Throughout this website, first opened in 2010, you will find examples of horrific corruption in our courts which is getting no public exposure or accountability by state judicial commissions (which investigate less than 10 % of complaints). Despite my testimony, reports and civil rights litigation, the corruption is only growing.

There is hope through perseverance. Only last month New York’s top attorney, Attorney General Letitia James, moved my latest precedent seeking case from New York Supreme Court to federal court. We need to join as victims and mount a multi-faceted protest in front of court buildings nationwide. As long as you stay in the comfort of your homes keyboarding to no one who cares, the carnage will live on. If you have something serious to report, contact our office at (315) 380-3420 or


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