From Joltin Joe Biden to President Pocahontas, is Congress only interested in political whistle blowers?

Parenting Rights Institute Representatives in a recent meeting with presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar in her Senate office at the U.S. Capitol

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

In a never-ending 2016 election, we may be witnessing the most dysfunctional Congress in U.S. history. Scandals on both sides of the aisle have mainstream Americans screaming for an end to this massive political divorce that is tearing our nation apart. After boxing wanna-be Joe Biden is investigated, we may end up with President Pocahontas.

But what about the rest of America? What about the crises that affect every day citizens? What about the judicial corruption report delivered by more than 100 whistle blowers to every member of Congress on May 2, 2019? Is there a special office for judicial whistle blowers to be heard? Do we get the same attention and protection as the political ones?

These are only some of the questions that court victims must pose to their representatives in government. Our report entitled, Federal Funded Epidemic, identifies veteran suicides, premature deaths, drug abuse, parent alienation, abuse of Title IV-D funding and much more. Two entire sections are devoted to legal protection for judicial whistle blowers.

Where is the interest in any of this in Congress. Its inaction compelled me to file a precedent seeking civil rights action in New York Supreme Court which was recently moved to federal court by the New York Attorney General. We need to get behind this litigation and our whistle blower report upon which it is based. Make the calls, write letters and get involved. After all it’s our country too, and these media seekers are still our public servants.

If you have something vital to report, contact us at our office: (315) 380-3420 or And help us spread the word regarding our whistle blower report and precedent seeking litigation.

(Koziol Complaint Dated August 7, 2019)