Are You Sick of the Criminals in Public Office? Clean House by Supporting a New Corruption Watch Firm!


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Has it ever been this bad? Crooks and criminals, even convicted felons, are finding their way to elected and appointed office like parasites with no shame. When conscientious insiders come forward to expose such corruption among all political parties, they are targeted, falsely accused and discredited to detract from a reality that has invaded every aspect of an ever growing bureaucracy.

In May, 2019, parent advocates, judicial whistle blowers and good government groups from across the country joined us, the Parenting Rights Institute, in a March on Washington with police escort down Pennsylvania Avenue between the White House and Capitol.

Expert speakers addressed this epidemic at our forum at the Congressional Ballroom. We ended our three day affair with a candle light vigil in front of the Capitol in memory of veterans, parents and children lost to this epidemic. This is an epidemic that is bankrupting entire families to enrich lawyers and politicians.

The so-called judicial commissions are populated by the very people who are benefiting from the carnage. They investigate less than 10% of all victim complaints. In my case, the ethics lawyers engaged in the retaliation for my whistle blowing activities were allowed to resign after being caught falsifying their time sheets.

Seriously? If that was you or I, we would have been arrested for felonies. These are the lawyers charged with a duty of preventing over billing practices. Like so much other corruption, they merely “swept it under.” Traffic cops do better with seat belt violations.

This is why I have formed a highly confidential firm to root out corruption and bring accountability to public office. Based out of New York, Philadelphia, Saratoga, and Utica, NY, we have received investments to grow our operation. There will be no websites, identities or other aspects of this firm to risk retaliation for those who report corruption to us.

Daily reports from Congress stress the importance of protecting whistle blowers who can take down Donald Trump. But there is no mention of the protection needed for whistle blowers who can take down members of Congress or judges in our third branch of government.

Indeed, during our Lobby Day, May 2, 2019, over 100 parents and whistle blowers hand delivered a corruption report to all members of Congress involving billions of dollars of federal funding abuses in our nation’s divorce and family courts. Despite meetings with congressional aids, direct contact with members of Congress, and follow-up visits, not a single member has shown any concern.

Seriously now, what does that tell you about the people you entrust with our taxes, laws and good faith? Do we need any more proof of the internal corruption and political divorce which has our nation on the verge of anarchy?

Help us help you get some measure of sanity in a government that is insulating itself more and more each day from the people they are charged to serve under our Constitution. Send us a donation. Contact me personally if you have a verifiable corruption report, and spread the word regarding our new firm.

In time, we will be publicizing mainstream commercials and a hotline to secure the justice we deserve. The time for useless talk and keyboarding from the comfort of our homes is over. Call our PRI office at (315) 380-3420 if you are interested in making this happen!