Merry Christmas to my Daughters, Kristen and Cassandra!

The above video was produced at Times Square days before Christmas. No matter where my work takes me, I’m always thinking about “daddy’s little girls.”

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

What a great many Christmas holidays I had with my little girls, Kristen and Cassandra. Sadly they’re not little any more but the fond memories remain. It’s as if they occurred yesterday.

Like the time I had a lawyer friend show up at my home dressed as Santa Claus. My 4 and 5 year old girls at the time could see him out in the snow covered yard approaching our dining room window with that big bag of presents.

Of course we had to invite him in, but when he made himself known with all the boisterous, “ho-ho-hos,” my younger one hid behind me in fear, only peaking out when her elder sister convinced her that he was the real deal.

And then there’s the Christmas’s years later when I would mimic the Polar Express movie by carrying each daughter out into the snow covered yard as if they were flying like the fictional characters. Out they would soar into the cold, star-lit sky, over their silent playground and across the terrain until I returned them safely next to our warm fireplace.

They knew exactly the moment when they would take flight during the film and could not get enough of it. Such experiences seemed to exceed anything they discovered the next morning under our Christmas tree. Money and presents were never their priority then.

Yeah, those days are long gone. They live now only in my memories. But they take special emphasis as a victim of parental alienation inflicted by a “custodial parent” named Kelly Hawse-Koziol. ” She did everything she could to shatter my precious father-daughter relationships and a professional career which she did nothing to advance. She did all this out of scorn and greed despite the harm to our children.

The evil of Kelly Hawse-Koziol is beyond depiction here and not what I would like to display on Christmas Eve or Day. Instead I will follow up with a history that will convince you that this woman is the very embodiment of Scrooge, Grinch and Herod himself.

I have been denied six years of contact with my daughters so that she could replace me as a father. So far, all three attempts have failed. As a kid I could never imagine a Christmas without my dad. But the dysfunctional, money lusting family courts of America made such a holocaust “a-okay” today.

How my daughters will not even call me regularly is a sad commentary on the corrupt and evil world we live in today. But regardless of the morally depraved environment in which they were raised by this “psycho-mom,” I will never abandon my little girls or fail them in their time of need for as long as I should live.

I know there are literally millions of fellow parents sharing the same pain as I am this Christmas Day. But we also share an immutable truth: the knowledge that we were on the right side of morality and remain the only true loving parents in our children’s lives.

Merry Christmas to all of you!