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By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Office: (315) 380-3420

Well I got another one added to my bucket list: I joined a million fellow revelers at Times Square on New Year’s Eve. It took me many years to take this risk after 9-11, especially after publishing a novel about nuclear terrorism at Times Square. But it was worth the risk.

What an experience! The greatest credit for this phenomenal display of human celebration goes out not to the movie stars, singers, politicians or even the attendees. It goes out to the NYPD and all those in law enforcement who made this safe and possible.

If only we could get these heroes out of their uniforms and into the robes of America’s family courts, the chaos which prevails there would be cleared up overnight. The ones in blue were stern where they had to be, polite when they could be, and even humorous to make the event extra special.

I saw them posing with children for photos, maintaining integrity so as to assure the importance of their duties, and managing to get a million people in and out of a small area within a matter of hours without major incident.

Only ninety minutes past midnight I could sleep soundly in my hotel room above Broadway with the gates and crowds long gone. I had never seen this great thoroughfare so desolate in so short a time. It was possible that a tumble weed might roll down from Central Park to entertain me further. Now where on earth can anyone or any government claim such a feat?

So now we’re on to our New Year’s resolutions and I would like to offer a few here. Feel free to add your own. There are countless that I have missed.

First, let us reunite American parents with American children as our top government priority in 2020.

Stop criminalizing parenthood and start criminalizing parental alienation!

Impeach Congress by voting the bums out of office this November.

If members of Congress have a political agenda that takes precedence over domestic suicides, court corruption and needless carnage (for profit), pay for it with your own money and not our taxes.

To each branch of government, none of you is superior, we are not your victims, and you are our public servants. Act accordingly.

Let us demand investigations of our family courts so that corrupt judges can be committed to debtor prisons and get a taste of the cruelty they inflict upon the people they were sworn to serve.

Forgive if you can, forget if you must, but above all, savor your moments on earth. (original).