Cheer up a court victim with POETIC JUSTICE, “exposing” a naughty judge!

Christmas Carol

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

For over twenty years I have been exposing judicial misconduct. From my pedophile custody judge to drunks in robes that would make anyone cringe, the number of judges sent to prison for bribes and abuses of public office have reached epic levels.

So when I tell you about my first hand experiences in chambers (behind closed doors) with judges and lawyers ridiculing their own litigants and clients, putting pressure on them to advance their personal interests, it should not surprise you.

Nor should it surprise you that I am exercising my First Amendment rights to expose that corruption through humor and satire with a short post entitled, POETIC JUSTICE. Share it with your friends. Offer it at a gathering of reformists, a meeting among colleagues, maybe even a bar association dinner.

A personal friend and president of our local bar was also a singer and actor.  He dropped dead on a court room floor at age 46. So the next time you think that the practice of law is a walk in the park, think again. We could all use a bit of humor to “lighten” things up.

One follower asks “why satire” on court corruption, to which I replied, “why not?” Why should we victims be limited to anger, depression and revenge? That’s no way to live.  Besides, there are entire talk shows that have been turned into comedy hours. Saturday Night Live has taken humor to new levels of disgust.

These days, our “prominent” leaders have joined the comedy and acting guild despite their utter lack of talent. Anything for a vote or donation. There’s Congressman Adam Schiff who made a parody of Donald Trump’s phone conversation with Ukraine, injecting false segments to deceive the public.

Yeah, if they can do it, why not we victims of their corruption? So here we go with “POETIC JUSTICE.”

‘Twas the month after Christmas when all through the house,

A couple was stirring, their schedules to douse.

She was a judge coming out of the shower,

He a divorce lawyer, late in the hour.

All proud of herself with expectations at their door,

Fed Ex was delivering a judge promotion to adore.

When what to her surprise came a sudden clamor,

A knocking so loud, it could silence a hammer.

No time to waste with a towel on her waist,

She rushed to that door with all due haste.

Opening herself to the morning sun,

There stood a man, he wasn’t the one.

It was Leon, that neighbor,

Seeing him was worse than labor.

What do you want, go home, don’t linger,

As she raised her middle finger.

Not very honorable, Judge Bertha Skank,

No bribes today to break your bank?

I’m busy bum, go back to your slum,

A promotion is coming, I’m not so dumb.

I have an offer, if you please,

And it’s a thousand-dollar tease,

If you would drop that towel below your knees.

She paused for the cause with greedy eyes,

A walk in the park for a very big prize.

So down it went, no shame ever meant.

All naked she stood, a scene well sent.

Thank you, your honor, a photo for tonight,

For the followers, you see, on my web site.

And here’s the thousand to make it right.

Slamming the door, she cursed the man,

With cash in hand, upstairs she ran.

She grabbed her robe, getting ready for work,

When out from the shower came that dweeby jerk.

Who was at the door my dear?

A commotion caught my ear.

It was our neighbor asking for a favor,

But I sent him his way, it was all okay.

No honey, not okay, I loaned him a thousand last May,

He said he would pay me back today.

Happy New Year to All.

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