Nancy Pelosi, the quintessential scorned woman: Watch her tear up speech papers at Trump’s State of the Union Address.


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute


Talk about an impeachable offense! Since I was a boy I have watched many State of the Union addresses. Never have I seen a leader of either house of Congress, or anyone for that matter, tear up the speech papers of the president at the end of his State of the Union Address.

Okay, so you never expected such an outstanding performance. But those papers contained tributes to heroes, our military, law enforcement, civil rights leaders, women, African-Americans, blue collar workers, moms and dads, our precious children, indeed a full spectrum of American values including a tribute to God himself.

Never mind what you thought of the speech maker, Nancy, respect those parts that all proud Americans applauded, including so many of your Democrat colleagues! Of course you see the address as a political diatribe, but you’re no different with yours, and we don’t go around making such a juvenile scene.

Nancy, let’s face it, if you have any dignity or self-respect remaining, you would issue a public apology to all Americans. But we know that’s not coming any more than your impeachment objective. You never saw your duly elected president tear up your impeachment articles in front of the cameras, fellow leaders or the American public after you paraded them to the Senate.

For awhile, when you refused to yield to your fanatic left on that impeachment, I thought you were a dignified leader despite my opposition to your liberal views. In this country we can agree to disagree, but the free speech you stand for is this: it’s free as long as we all agree with you.

Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska was right when she said that the institution of Congress was at an all-time low. She would have voted for your witnesses but concluded that your articles were political and poorly prepared. Then you took Congress to a level we never thought could be lower.

Okay so you had a bad week. You lost the witness vote in the senate 51-49, the Iowa Democrat Caucus was attacked by your own candidates as a chaotic blunder, and now your impeachment articles will be thrown out tomorrow by a wide margin. And yes, it’s four more years of Donald Trump.

We could all see your venom grow with each cheer and message of success being delivered right in front of you. But tearing up the speech papers like a child before a world audience? Yeah it was a bad week for you, Nancy, but a good week for America if you’d simply resign.