ENOUGH! We Will Be Heard! Parents to Bring Message of Family Court Reform to New Hampshire. Join Us!


These are some of the banners are being printed for display at speech and voting locations in New Hampshire for Tuesday’s Primary.

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Not one candidate for president at the Iowa caucuses this week mentioned the rights of American parents to an inalienable relationship with their children. Instead we heard about the rights of other constituencies including illegal aliens crossing our borders.

This remains an intolerable condition in American politics. The Supreme Court has declared our parent-child rights to be the “oldest liberty interest” protected by our Constitution. Yet all we hear about are all the other rights protected by that venerable document.

The dignity of our parenting rights has never been so degraded. Prior to heading off for the New Hampshire Primary, these candidates had to feed us again and again with the rights of those who are illegally brought here for the purpose of acquiring citizenship and benefits.

We have lost far too many legal American parents and children to parental alienation, premature deaths and suicides. Yet this form of lethal separation between parents and children is not even mentioned in any of the campaigns. This is an ominous sign that our rights are being set up for extinction.

This carnage is being financed by federal performance grants under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act, a scheme of provisions I am challenging in federal court due to the institutional bias it creates in family judges who benefit from these monies.

If you care about America’s parents, children and families, you need to join our efforts to wake up America to a growing epidemic. We have tentatively set a second 3-day event in Washington for June 3-5 patterned around our Parent March on Washington last May 1-3. Help us grow the numbers through social media and daily contacts.

Until then we need a strike force right away to join us in New Hampshire on Monday and Tuesday. We could use vans or pick-up trucks to alert presidential candidates to our vital message. If you can help with personal time or donations, call us at (315) 796-4000.