Donald Trump Says He Was Put Through “Hell” During Impeachment, But He Never Endured Parental Alienation.


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

In our last post, we condemned “Naughty Nancy” Pelosi for her juvenile stunt of ripping apart the State of the Union Address on Tuesday night. The “quintessential scorned woman” as we described her, this stunt made everything she stood for a giant hypocrisy.

Well, Pathetic Pelosi had to eat more humiliation after Donald Trump got the last laugh by ripping up Pelosi’s impeachment articles the next day when he was acquitted by a huge margin in the Senate. That ripping never really happened, but media had a field day with it, raising the question of why Pelosi and her gang of misfits pursued this witch hunt in the first place.

After all, the same Pelosi  counseled against impeachment only one year earlier. Indications are that her unlawful paper ripping stunt before a global audience was directed more against the radical nut jobs like AOC who prevailed upon her to engage in this ill-fated fiasco. It made Donald Trump more popular and powerful than ever.

I have compared this fiasco to parents who capitulate to greedy, self-serving divorce and family court lawyers who prevail upon them to engage in custody and support wars only to find that their children are, predictably, worse off in the end. They bankrupt these parents with no conscience regarding their ultimate inability to finance their children’s college educations.

These parents only enriched the strangers, lawyers, service providers, and lawyers on the bench who, in truth, could give a “rat’s ass” about our children en route to their bank deposits and country club war stories. That is why I am headed to the New Hampshire Primary this week to pose the question: why did you candidates ignore our pleas for reform at our 2019 Parent March on Washington.

What gives these candidates the right to place illegal aliens over the rights of American parents who followed the rules but were separated anyway from their children for the sake of lawyer profits and court revenues under the federal Title IV-D program? I could use your help with our banners and distributions, but the apathy and excuses are too much for me to tolerate any longer. They are what allow these wolves in sheep’s clothing to get away with what they do.

This leads us to the wolf in religious clothing who was the only Republican senator to vote against Donald Trump on the first article of impeachment. Of course I’m referring to Mitt Romney, the losing Republican candidate for president in 2012 who realized after his first vote that no one else in his party was going to join him. He tried to assuage that blunder by voting against impeachment on the second article, but by that time his colors were blazing with self love.

Obviously scorned by his own loss for president he was jealous over the historic victory of Donald Trump four years later. He abandoned his constituents in Massachusetts to become elected as a Republican senator in Utah before those good people could figure out what Mitt was truly about. I mean, why would Mitt seek shelter for his blunder by raising his so-called religious faith and God himself as an explanation?

Let’s face it, Donald Trump was correct when he debunked this excuse as a “crutch,” using religion to mask Mitt’s true self-loving politician agenda. Just think about this for a moment. If Mitt had been successful in swaying his colleagues to remove our president, he would have taken full credit for his “courageous” stand. The last thing he would have done was credit God or his religion. So stop blaming God, Mitt, for your self-loving blunders and resign from office like a good Christian truly repentant for your vanity and lies to the people.

Today is the 18th birthday of my eldest daughter. Not only did her so-called mother, “custodial parent,” Kelly Hawse-Koziol alienate her from me for self-loving reasons, but she brainwashed my precious girls into hating their father for no reason other than her vain objective of replacing me with a childless millionaire.

Like Pelosi, her objective failed when that guy realized that the true father would not surrender to her extortion. Realizing finally what Hawse-Koziol was truly about, he threw her out of his millionaire home. So what did she accomplish other than the destruction of a model father and his relationships with his offspring?

Stay in touch for our announcement tomorrow.