It’s Bedlam here at the New Hampshire Primary with Donald Trump attracting more voters than other candidates combined

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Well it’s peaceful applause and excitement everywhere around the Arena here in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire where President Donald Trump kicked off his re-election campaign. Vice President Pence opened the event, and because my arrival was a last minute decision caused by an alienating mother of my children, I could not get access to the inside (sold-out) arena, let alone anywhere near it on the outside.

A 100 pound skinny radical was the only bump on the outside as he ran around spewing Trump vulgarities at the top of his lungs. That was a good thing because it caused undecided locals around me to vote Trump at the polls tomorrow. One voter next to me stated that he would have knocked him out in the day and I agreed.

Like Nancy Pelosi’s backfired debacle on impeachment,if the liberals could keep sending us freaks like this one (probably from a liberal junior college campus), Donald Trump could win all 50 states. They’re already mumbling about more investigations of Trump when they should be investigating family courts and their abuse of Title IV-D funding. Will they ever “get it?”

Let’s face it, Donald Trump is our only hope for passing a federal crime billagainst parental alienation. We must finally reform our antiquated family courts into a sane operation free of entitlement funds that are destroying parent-child relations on a growing scale.

The liberal-socialists would seize our children altogether and brainwash them into the utterly immoral society we are becoming. That’s why we’ll be approaching all campaigns with our message to show why Donald Trump is simply unbeatable. These other candidates are looking out for the so-called rights of illegal aliens more than they are our own families.

Look for our banners on the news Primary Day (Tuesday, February 11, 2020). Call me direct at (315) 796-4000 if you can help us out in this vital mission for the sake of all American families!