Barnstorming in New Hampshire: We Parents are getting noticed !

We got their attention with this banner message on a family SUV parked in front of the entrance to Bernie Sanders’ victory rally on Primary Night

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Well, we covered the main parts of New Hampshire during the presidential primary to bring parental rights into the mainstream of political discussion. We have been ignored or taken for granted as voters for too long, and this year we are going to change that.

A crime bill to make parental alienation a federal offense, a repeal of Title IV-D funding and a Justice Department investigation of human rights violations in family courts are among the concerns we shared with staffers in the field offices of all major candidates, even a session at the Republican headquarters in Concord, the state’s capital.

We delivered copies of our report, Federal Funded Epidemic, along with a two-page summary which will be reviewed by candidate policy leaders. We continued to demand action from Amy Klobuchar who promised a response during our meeting with her this past October in Washington D.C. She has been growing in popularity lately and placed third in the Democrat vote.

We boldly parked a vehicle with a powerful banner message outside the entrance to the Southern New Hampshire University Field House where Bernie Sanders held his victory rally on Primary Night. Our goal was to shift national focus from illegal parents crossing our borders to the rights of American parents to be free of court abuses and parental alienation.

We even managed to gain entry to the media section of the arena to discuss our issues with national news reporters and present them with our material. CNN, New York Times and Boston television stations were all approached. In the end, we had an impact with secondary media interviews that could lead to major media coverage and a long overdue documentary.

Most of the campaign and media staff we confronted were visibly, if not pleasantly surprised to hear from a nationwide parenting group with at least two reporters needing no briefing due to their own ordeals in these courts. We continue to make progress my friends, and at the very least, they knew that America’s parents have arrived. We will no longer be ignored!

It was a costly trip over a period of days and we need fellow court victims and parental advocates to donate to our site at We also need you to make our work viral as we are being highly censored to protect the family court gold mine. Call our office at (315) 380-3420 or me directly at (315) 796-4000 so that we can exchange information and strategies to prevent further carnage in these dysfunctional tribunals.


Media packed into the parking lot at the Bernie Sanders victory rally on Primary Night