Attorney Avanatti Conviction Parallels Abusive Lawyers in Divorce and Family Courts: Don’t let it happen to you!


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Liberal media darling Attorney Michael Avenatti was convicted yesterday on all counts of a federal indictment involving a major extortion attempt on the Nike retail giant. A similar scheme was derailed when his lawsuit against President Trump involving Stormy Daniels was thrown out in federal court with the client holding a $300,000 plus attorney fee bill from Trump’s lawyers. He still faces two additional indictments.

Avenatti’s abuses can be compared to unscrupulous lawyers in divorce and family courts who, unlike Avenatti, are not being held accountable. They make false promises, inflame needless conflict, alienate parents, use children to extort fees and bankrupt entire families. When the money is gone, so are the lawyers. And yet those lawyers on the bench who remain continue the myth that it’s all in the “best interests of our children.”

For this reason, the Parenting Rights Institute offers divorce and family court candidates and victims a court avoidance program, self-representation material and mediation alternatives. We have exposed corruption and monitored lawyer misconduct. However, of great value to those who require representation is a lawyer search service where we locate the ideal advocate at a fair price in the region where your case is located.

Unlike other services, we then monitor that lawyer or law firm to prevent the kind of abuses that Avenatti almost got away with. We have lawyers, a university professor and marketing experts here who assist us. So don’t get caught in the endless billing cycles and blind searches for your next lawyer. Let the experts to it for you at a great saving over the long run.

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