Patriots Press On With Divorce Reform Despite Retaliation: The Endless Divorce of Dr. Anthony Pappas

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Last night during our second nationwide conference call regarding the Annual Parent March on Washington, May 27-29, 2020, we heard from victims from across the country. The abuses of parents in divorce and family courts continue to escalate. Among our faithful participants over the past two years was Dr. Anthony Pappas, a professor at St. Johns University in New York.

We need similar victims to step forward and join us in this crucial 3-day event to bring reform and justice to these courts. Check out this shocking (video) ordeal: $2 million in lawyer fees extorted from a prominent, courageous American who blew the whistle on court corruption. He was targeted like the rest of us.

It’s time we all joined him as fellow victims to protest such persecution in our nation’s capital and elsewhere. Get on the phones, reach out on the internet and social media. Don’t just complain to no one who can do anything about this epidemic on the keyboards in the comfort of your homes. Take real action and join us!