Conference Call Tonight, 3/12 @ 7pm ET to Discuss Parent March, Coronavirus and Think Tank For Promoting Court Reform

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By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

In light of the coronavirus  pandemic, I have held off on further commitments to conduct our 3-Day, Second Annual Parent March on Washington. We may have to postpone the event to September due to the mass gathering risks associated with this unanticipated plague. That would have the secondary benefit of impacting national elections.

However, in the meantime, I would like to entertain alternatives in the way of a Think Tank of volunteers to promote a well orchestrated campaign through social media to demand reform and accountability directly with our elected officials and enforcement authorities. This may consist of joint complaints against corrupted lawyers and judges before federal and state regulators and misconduct commissions.

There are many who have contacted me to suggest that this coronvirus is a prophesy and punishment for the growing evil in our society. If so, there can be few better examples than the destruction of parent-child relationships that have existed since the beginning of humanity. Parental alienation is the modern day evil which is killing more people than the virus.

Then there are those who believe in a more scientific explanation for the virus, Earth’s way of protecting itself from our destructive goals. Instead of chemicals, global warming and a nuclear apocalypse, our planet is ridding itself of a nemesis from within. No wars needed. Whatever opinion you may have, our goal of restoring dignity to human life is on the right track.

So feel free to join our call. You may obtain our confidential call number and access code by contacting our office at (315) 380-3420. Please share this message and be a part of the solution!

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