Nationwide Conference Call Tonight, 3/19, at 7pm ET will focus on Coronavirus, Hoarding and Family Court Epidemic


Entire Aisles Stripped of Toilet Paper and Paper Towels


Gallon Size Milk Jugs Returned “Spoiled” by a Shopper


Customer Service Area Filled With Grocery Returns

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Ignoring the Family Court Epidemic for years, they could not ignore this one with its dual impact. I received contact this past week from the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police notifying me of a crowd limit which now postpones our Second Annual Parent March on Washington indefinitely. Consequently, I will be hosting daily nationwide conference calls to help court victims cope with the escalating Coronavirus epidemic.

In this critical period, it is important for us to share thoughts about the future of our litigious society. This virus may have given us an unprecedented opportunity to change the face of divorce and family courts, perhaps eliminating them altogether in favor of a more consensual environment, one that is more parent-friendly and less lawyer-oriented. The fees that have been wasted to over billing practices could have been used to brace our families from the financial onslaught which is now upon us.

My goal is to set up a social setting for those in lock down mode and distancing orders. By encouraging one another we could help victimized parents and families get through this crisis. This is a national focus, we will not entertain those seeking to divert our limited time and resources to parochial interests. I am opening up our daily 7pm ET calls to all who want to share their experiences. We will open with suggestions on court reform and the direction to be taken by parents.

We expect a medical doctor, lawyer and economics professor to be on the call tonight. The hoarding which has dominated our society in recent weeks will also be discussed. You will note photos above that were taken this past week which shows just how depraved our society has become. One photo shows four gallon size milk jugs returned for allegedly spoiled content.

A better explanation is that the shopper hoarded as much as would fit into a refrigerator with the excess jugs stored outside in a snow bank. When a warming trend showed up, so did the spoiled milk that could have gone to children and infants. To think this self-centered ignoramus had the audacity to seek money back or welfare credits. It boggles the mind. There should be a crime for this sort of brazen waste of precious resources at such a critical time. Also to be discussed is the lack of contact between parents and children due to family court abuses.

These conferences are recorded and monitored to keep discourse civil. Try not to interrupt or dominate discussion. It is my hope that we join in a petition to our leaders to end family court restrictions at such a crucial juncture in our history. It was shocking to me that my ex continues to mount her parental alienation agenda even now. I had to learn of my daughters’ situation by a single text message. This sort of evil will catch up to her soon. If you would like to participate, call our office for the number and access code at (315) 380-3420.