Join Our Nationwide Conference Call Tonight 7 pm ET to Discuss Coronavirus Coping and Family Access Issues

View of Lake George, New York from the top of Pilot Mountain on Sunday, March 22, 2020, the day before total state lock-down. Having climbed this mountain many times over the years for good health, this was my last opportunity for a long while to take in the vibrant surroundings, pure air and great memories. The trailhead was packed with cars spilling out along both sides of the highway. The trail to the top was bustling with spirited climbers, ranging from families, couples, and friends to solo hikers. Social distancing was observed. Such health activities are our best, time-tested defense to infection. We know little about our newest invisible enemy, so we have to keep our immune system at its highest capacity. Let it do the job so we can rid our communities of this coronavirus plague.

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

In this critical period, it is important for us to share thoughts about the future of our litigious society. This virus may have given us an unprecedented opportunity to change the face of divorce and family courts, perhaps eliminating them altogether in favor of a more consensual environment, one that is more parent-friendly and less lawyer-oriented. The fees that have been wasted to over-billing practices could have been used to brace our families from the financial onslaught which is now upon us.

My goal is to set up a social setting for those in lock down mode and distancing orders. By encouraging one another we could help victimized parents and families get through this crisis. We expect a medical doctor, lawyer and economics professor to be on the next call at 7 pm ET on Monday, March 23rd.All are welcome as we have now opened the talk program to the public. The number is (605) 313-4427. The code number when prompted is 583326.