Corona Chronicles No. 1: Grandstanding Governor is a root cause of coronavirus spread in New York

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By Dr. Leon Koziol

As Americans continue to watch in horror at the spread of coronavirus across the country, one governor cannot get enough of it, exploiting every new event or number to grab a headline. Of course I’m referring to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Many are easily duped by his daily news conferences filled with drama, a veteran orator dressed down in a short sleeved shirt with a prominent emblem on it to remind us that he’s still in charge and battle-ready.

But if you can get by the facade, a scary picture emerges of a veteran politician who wreaked havoc during this crisis. Such conferences are now ideal for deflecting public attention from a record that caused the needless spread of a killer microbe in America’s new epicenter.

Such a record in the private sector would lead to immediate discharge, but in politics that is not the way it works. History instructs that crises of this dimension could lead to martial law and dictators, a lesson that should have every American at the forefront of activity.

This series was conceived to answer that need, to keep you informed of events from a people-oriented standpoint. Fortunately in this country, our forefathers erected constitutional protections so that the people are not so easily sidelined despite the nature of crisis.

It was triggered by a Cuomo news conference of March 24, 2020. To get a gist of the outrage it evoked, scroll back to March 19, 2020 when California Governor Gavin Newsom was grabbing headlines by announcing that 56% (over 20 million) residents may become infected.

Given how little we knew about this virus and its mutation capabilities, a number as specific as 56% was highly suspect. Indeed, a more compelling case could be made for 100%. But whatever the source, this number was sufficient for publicity and fear-mongering.

On the opposite coast, Andrew Cuomo would have none of it. This was his virus, his state as the new epicenter, and like his father, Mario, he would have to preempt the Golden State by announcing that New York would get up to 80% of its near 20 million residents infected.

It was a game of one-upsmanship, juvenile behavior at the worst of times. Cuomo was now competing for attention everywhere. He just could not get enough of it, even countering short term measures of the president with a projection that this crisis could extend five to nine months, maybe even years.

That may work for a silver-spoon politician protected by wealth and a secure mansion, but for the rest of us it was Armageddon, time to hunker down with more than hoarded food. To be sure, gun stores across the country were already being raided while those in New York would soon shut down.

Only days after these news events, the folly of dueling politicians was made manifest when Stanford University biology professor Michael Levitt reported that his models do not support such wild projections. A 2013 Nobel laureat, he correctly predicted when China would start recovering.

According to Dr. Levitt, “we need to control the panic…” But that was not what our doomsday politicians wanted to hear. Their day in the sun as state dictators would end way too soon. That is why “we the people” must use our rights to humble them through reports or removal.

Faced with “guarded fury” of the population, Andy Cuomo shifted 180 degrees. Suddenly on March 24, 2020, he was announcing that he is really concerned about the 5% and not the 95% of those who will either recover or remain uninfected. This was a far cry from his quasi- apocalyptic renditions the day before.

Indeed it was the final straw, all the pathetic posturing needed to invoke this series. But that’s not all. When you look at how Governor Cuomo and his counterpart, New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio, have handled this crisis, we the people have no choice but to get involved.

It may not be well known to the nation, but in New York it has become commonplace to see the governor and mayor at odds over issues major and minor for many years. In other times, this might be tolerated, but when this forewarned epidemic arrived, their juvenile antics yielded an inexcusable explosion in viral infections.

This conclusion is abundantly supported by the public record. In the March 19, 2020 New York Post, headlines read: “Cuomo Slams DeBlasio’s ‘Shelter-In-Place’ Speculation: ‘That Came From Nuclear War.” At the same time, Andy was warning us not to interfere with his own rights. Whatever that meant, it was clear that both Andy and Bill were at it again, and in no small way.

In contrast, and at the same time, Mayor DeBlasio was resisting widespread calls for closing New York’s school system, by far the largest in the nation. Cuomo road the fence even after the head of New York’s Port Authority tested positive for the coronavirus at JFK Airport.

Just as Mayor DeBlasio was calling a news conference to announce school closure, Governor Cuomo trumped it with his own order closing the same school system. It was done simply to steal attention without true regard for the risks placed upon teachers, children and parents outraged by the politics and delays.

Yes this is what we are dealing with folks. And there is so much more to come in these Corona Chronicles to benefit you while you suffer through the worst crisis of modern times. Tomorrow, Thursday, March 26, 2020 at 7 pm we will be conducting our next nationwide conference call on the subject. All are welcome to join.

Unfortunately our last one on Monday was impaired by static due to an overloaded system caused by home employment and sheltering. The call number is (605) 313-4427. Access code when prompted is 583326. You can also comment here, on Facebook, or our office at (315) 380-3420. E-mail is

Crucial note: This site is being suppressed and censored by means beyond our control. Therefore we need to join forces to overcome it. Make these chronicles viral.

Godspeed my friends!







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