Corona Chronicles #2: Upstate New York to Andrew Cuomo: We Are Not The Epicenter. Don’t Bring It Here!

Dr. Leon Koziol with Sean Hannity during fundraising gala in Manhattan

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

It’s bad enough that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his counterpart, Bill DeBlasio, were busy competing for attention and wasting valuable time while the coronavirus invaded New York City, but now the same is occurring to upstate New York.

I am blowing the whistle on another ominous trend which threatens the health and safety of the good people of upstate New York. We certainly want to help our brothers and sisters downstate, but we love our children too and must stop the spread where we can.

For too long, downstaters have had a low opinion of state residents north of Westchester County. It didn’t phase us in the least because we loved our way of life. But now, wealthy folks are escaping their new world of chaos to locations in the true upstate New York.

Secondary news sources report that summer rentals along the Hudson River and Catskills are being scarfed up at rates that exceed peak seasons. Locals report unusual numbers of Jersey plates on cars heading further north into the Adirondack Mountains.

At the same time, New York City is releasing convicted felons from Rikers Island and other facilities to stem the spread of coronavirus infections. They’ve been watching the news too, so our embattled governor should know that predators follow the herd.

Here in the heart of upstate New York, I can personally attest that residents are not “lawyering up” against this invasion, they’ve been “arming up” with a variety of sport and safety weapons. I have seen a veritable arsenal in at least one of these homes.

Like his blundering downstate regarding the virus, Governor Cuomo is oblivious to this newest crisis, a pending standoff between citizen and criminal. He has neither mentioned it on his daily news conferences nor has he forewarned the locals upstate.

Instead, Andy Cuomo is too busy posturing for the presidency while dodging responsibility for a crisis he helped create. Only one day after my first Corona Chronicle, Fox News Host Sean Hannity published a commentary mirroring its message (see above link).

Reports I have received from inside our hospital system reveal mass preparations for a deluge of virus victims to be transferred upstate. Like the prisons that were built here, an influx of contagious family members will overwhelm such facilities to our own detriment.

Upstate leaders have been sidelined along with our populous due to emergency powers seized and abused by this governor. Even if they considered courageous and timely action, they are intimidated by the oratory despite the long term stigma it is causing to upstate. It will harm our recovery in years to come.

Therefore, consistent with our rights under the Constitution, “We the People” must take a stand. Our family, businesses and very lives are now at stake. To that end, I have fashioned a petition for you to sign and share which I call the “Upstate to Andy Petition.”

Through this form of expression, we are demanding a self-quarantine of all tri-state residents of metro New York who travel north of Westchester County. Some rural counties, I am told, are already requiring this. We must act on this fast, we certainly have the time while shuttered in our homes, and time is of the essence.

Stay tuned to this site, for more news that you are not receiving elsewhere. Join our next conference call on Monday, March 30, 2020 at 7pm ET. It’s the same number: (605) 313-4427 and access code 583326. You can also e-mail us at or call our PRI office at (315) 380-3420.

Sign the petition to be placed on this site tomorrow. Reach out to all you know for more to sign. This is not my project, it’s yours, and an opportunity to make a difference or squander.



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