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A recent upstate New York headline supports our citizen petition

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

National, state and local headlines, like the one above,  continue to support our call for a stronger ban on travel from America’s coronavirus epicenter in the New York metropolitan area. Unfortunately New York Governor Andrew Cuomo continues to oppose such emergency measures leaving it to an advisory notice.

Other news today features an alarming number of persons, over 700,000 who escaped China during its crisis in the months of November, December 2019 and January-March, 2020. As recently as last month, Cuomo himself boasted New York City as the welcoming center of America. Large numbers arrived at JFK Airport.

Federal relief hospitals (USNS Comfort and Javitts Center) have been limited to non-infected patients while other states have issued travel bans and 14-day quarantines for all New York arrivals. Despite expert guidelines to limit the spread of this killer virus in its place, Cuomo circumvented all these developments by directing infected patients to upstate hospitals.

For this reason, the Parenting Rights Institute has started an on-line petition to protect upstate New York and other states from a needless spread of this highly contagious and mutating virus. Unlike other on-line petitions directed to political matters, this one focuses on saving lives and limited resources.

For example one petition today was focused on a CNN, MSNBC boycott of President Trump’s task force briefings. That boycott was based on an opening statement yesterday regarding successful efforts in the Pacific and Caribbean which prevented large scale shipments of illegal drugs into the United States.

Contrary to the complaints of these two news agencies regarding its relevance to coronavirus, on the same day in Patterson, New Jersey (across the Hudson River from Manhattan), EMT units were dispatched to homes due to drug overdoses. This impaired their ability to save those making coronavirus calls.

The boycott petition was started by a retired insurance executive who noted her surprise to receive over 200,000 signatures in a matter of days when expecting less than 100 from friends and relatives. The relevant news excerpt is reprinted below.

There is little doubt that her success was based on the back door support of the two news agencies whereas our petition sites are being suppressed.

For this reason, we are asking everyone to help get the needed on-line signatures, to help stop the spread of coronavirus from its epicenter. At the very least you will be proud to know that you were on the intelligent, non and moral side of this issue. Note the neutral content of our petition: no names, no politics, no grandstanding. Check it out on the link below.

Petition Link:





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