Corona Chronicles #10: Your Best Defense to Coronavirus is your immune system, don’t waste down time, get in shape!


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Let’s face it my friends, inundated with coronavirus updates, ever-changing death predictions and reminders that there is no cure or vaccine for this killer microbe, we are left to fend for ourselves. By most reports, including recent ones out of China, a second wave of infections is likely by a virus that will be among us for many years to come.

Therefore, following up on last night’s conference call, today’s chronicle is dedicated to the best defense we have, our own immune systems. This is backed by experts such as Stanford virologist Karla Kirkegaard: “if SARS-CoV-2 is not so different from its older cousin SARS, then the virus is probably not evolving very fast, giving scientists developing vaccines time to catch up.”

Kikegaard then advises, “in the meantime, the best weapon we have against the coronavirus are public health measures, such as testing and social distancing, and our own immune systems.” But few are addressing that last defense, the only one we have any real control over, while politicians continue to blame one another with attention-grabbing headlines.

Regardless of who you blame, we must also look at our own individual lack of preparedness. We have long known that exercise is the best prescription to a healthy existence, and now we learn for the first time that obesity is a factor which compromises our immune system, making us vulnerable to infection and death.

Dr. Anthony Fauci stated only days ago that he remains perplexed by those of all ages who either become ill or survive without symptoms. Increasingly, it is being shown that the answer lies in genetics, health and lifestyles. We might not have control over the former, but with sheltering orders, we can improve the latter.

I may be living proof of this as I have not been ill for more than 40 years (aside from a common cold). I have never smoked or relied on any kind of medication, no attending physician since my teens, and I survived 10 years without health insurance thanks to Obamacare. Throughout my years as a practicing attorney, I engaged in regular, aggressive outdoor exercise.

Then, when the “morally sick” people retaliated for my whistle blower activity against corrupt family courts, they did me a favor by allowing more time to increase those exercise regimens to some of my best physical shape ever. They got me prepared for a killer virus which they never anticipated to ravage their lucrative legal system in addition to our health facilities.

My extensive travels and work in all boroughs of New York City has brought me in close contact with countless individuals. Over the years, I must have developed anti-bodies to all sorts of viruses and disease. Despite hospitalization as a child, I survived measles, mumps and probably a few things we never knew about, and I lived through the AIDS, SARS, flu and H1Ni crises without infection in more recent decades.

That is why good health is now so crucial. Yet along jogging trails, I see few users. The shut-down of fitness centers has only added to the nightmares. Our immune systems have beaten countless microbes over many centuries without the science and health care we are fortunate to have today. So there is no excuse for surrender. We must find new ways to get in top shape.

A sedentary lifestyle is the last thing we should revert to while shuttered at home. Push-ups, sit-ups, diverse activity, occupation and social humor are only some of the ways that we can respond proactively. I have also found that having a game plan is a great neutralizer to depression. And in this post I offer you such an option.

Help me gather signatures to a citizen petition to end the spread of crime and infection from the epicenter. As one proactive expert asserted, “everyone has their own risk-benefit calculation, I’ve made mine, you’ve got plenty of time to do nothing when that first shovel of dirt hits your face. This is not the time to do nothing.”

Make Corona Chronicles “viral” and sign our petition using the link below:


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