Corona Chronicles #14: Record Deaths Today at America’s Epicenter: Sign and Share Petition to Protect other areas from Virus Spread


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo continues to open the floodgates to coronavirus infections upstate and in other regions of our country, placing families, medical providers and businesses at exponential risk of life and collapse. And no one is holding him accountable. By the time the damage catches, up it will be too late.

In this kind of crisis, we the people are left to fend for ourselves. To that end, the Parenting Rights Institute started a petition a few days ago to put our outrage on record and to influence media to report our concerns.

IMPORTANT: Please sign and promote this Petition to enforce a legal travel ban and moratorium on fees and regulations of upstate businesses and a plan to address families in crisis due to extended home confinement caused by the coronavirus pandemic:

Petition Link:



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