Corona Chronicles #18: Let’s Debunk Some of the Allusions of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus.

Governor Cuomo’s Headline-Grabbing, Moreland Commission on Public Corruption, was shut down early when testimony began implicating top state leaders. A federal prosecutor, Preet Bharara, who testified at Commission hearings, was outraged, ultimately seizing files and convicting leaders of both houses and a top Cuomo aide of federal crimes. Dr. Leon Koziol also testified regarding court corruption and suffered severe retaliation from his profession.

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

In a quest to seize more power and dominate headlines, Governor Andrew Cuomo threw out a number of catchy phrases during the coronavirus invasion of New York.

Typically they were strategically planned for his daily news conferences but some occurred at crucial moments which derailed containment measures.

One such event could have saved countless lives. It occurred in late March when President Donald Trump, a native of New York, was reluctantly considering an emergency order to quarantine metro New York City.

Andrew Cuomo was not consulted prior to his early morning, pre-emptive, conference. That was enough to trigger an egotistical temper tantrum. Cuomo reacted with a bizarre claim that President Trump was “declaring war on the states.”

Even for a drama queen, nothing could be more idiotic. But it sounded sufficiently ominous to gain counter-headlines with the sick result that a wave of infected persons fled the epicenter to start new ones elsewhere.

These so-called wars have been the standard weapon of liberals to impose taxes and restrictions. They have a tendency to move the masses. Such was the case during the Tonkin Bay scandal when false reports of an attack ignited an escalation of the Vietnam War in 1964.

The scandal was ultimately exposed in the Pentagon Papers (2005), but at the time it was effective to cause a great number of deaths including the spread of agent orange upon our own troops. Despite known risks, that chemical led to needless cancer and deaths among countless servicemen who brought it home to America.

More recently, in peacetime, liberals have used wars to brainwash the population to support various crusades. There was the War on Poverty, War on Drugs, and my favorite, the War on Women.

In a satirical post here at, I asked how half of America could have declared war on the other half without my consent or that of our Congress. Somehow, against my will, I was drafted to the enemy side (all men) to war against my daughters and sisters.

You have to wonder if any of these war mongers think before they belch. The last time a war was declared against the states was during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln.What could Andy Cuomo have been thinking when he hallucinated his imaginary war.

President Trump was warring against an invisible killer virus, not Cuomo’s turf, any any other governor’s turf. First they complain that the president is not doing enough and then they complain when he does.

While these politicians were basking in their “turf wars,” a vast army of invisible microbes was exploiting our open borders to kill untold numbers of American citizens. Cuomo’s arrogant failure to quarantine our epicenter opened the floodgates for this virus to spread everywhere. Even China knew enough tgo quarantine its epicenter in Wuhan province.

Andrew Cuomo could only react impotently after that, even finding catchy new phrases to cover up his epic blunders. He warned the rest of our nation that he was the “canary in the coalmine” and that a viral “wildfire” was spreading across Long Island and New Jersey.

Upstate New York was experiencing the worst of these wildfires after other destination states were closing their borders and imposing 14-day self-quarantines for all incoming New Yorkers. Upstate was not mentioned in the news-fest because there was no governor there to push back and defend its people.

Beyond that, Andrew Cuomo had his slangs backward. Canary in the Coalmine is an expression derived from the days when miners were subjected to underground toxins. Canaries were used to alert them for a hasty escape. In Cuomo’s world, canaries had been screaming long before his wildfires: in Wuhan, Italy and JFK Airport. But our victims were left in the mine.

The canary here has been screaming for at least a month now to protect upstate New York, also to no avail. As a result of the latent and aggravated curves in these largely rural areas, upstate could take much longer to re-start its already depressed economy. In an effort to stem the continued Cuomo carnage, a citizen petition has been started. Help us by signing and promoting it using the link below:


Petition Link:

You can reach Dr. Leon Koziol at or call our office at (315) 380-3420.

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