Corona Chronicles # 20: Another Upstate New York County Executive Warns Against Unchecked Viral Spread From NYC Epicenter




By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

It’s happening! When will upstate New York finally make a stand against viral spread as other states have done in response to America’s epicenter. When will we finally heed the warnings originating from China three months ago, then Italy one month ago and downstate New York weeks ago. Any early recovery here is gone!

As many website and Facebook followers know, I have been publishing a series entitled “Corona Chronicles” to bring you vital news regarding the viral pandemic that is devastating families, businesses and facilities everywhere. It’s my nature as a whistle blower.

My early focus was to debunk political grandstanding, grow support behind an in-state quarantine of the New York City metro epicenter, and to plan for a “new normal” which promises a serious escalation of violence if family courts reopen with business as usual.

Unfortunately, victims remain largely apathetic or sedentary on these crucial issues while hunkered down in their homes. We need to take advantage of our time now to secure a better future for our families.

It is likely that you will be unable to afford an attorney in these courts when they reopen, so we are offering self-representation and court strategy programs on this site,, and the Parenting Rights Institute website.

We are also asking you to sign and promote our citizen petition to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection to upstate New York and other regions:

Petition Link:

You can reach Dr. Leon Koziol at or call our office at (315) 380-3420. Promote this post!



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