Happy Easter to all: Corona Chronicles #21 and #16 (XVI) may be helpful to you on this special day.

The Name of An Amish Farm in Upstate New York 250 Miles From the Epicenter

Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

While many violent and hardened criminals will get phone calls, well wishes and even hugs from their children today, countless model parents will not, victims of a satanic family court system which profits from needless conflict and parent- child separations.

Perhaps the only thing more evil than this system are the so-called “custodial parents” who milk it for personal gain. They bear no conscience as they lodge false accusations for sadistic pleasure. Over time, they become adept at gaming their own offspring with no concern for the life impacting harm. So sickened do they become by this system, they surrender to it.

Those who challenge this family-destroying culture are targeted with biased decision making. That, in turn, only encourages the alienators to new levels of evil. But make no mistake, there will be a reckoning, a reward for those who refused to pay homage to this modern day temple. Maybe there’s a message, a paradox in this pandemic which has brought humanity to its knees.

In a series I call Corona Chronicles I have endeavored to give fellow victims a candid perspective of our current crisis so that you might manage your lives with some measure of hope or understanding. On Good Friday, for example, I featured a piece regarding Amish farmers in upstate New York coexisting peacefully with the insane world around them.

For those who think that post may have been on the fringe of the issue, NBC featured a story the next day on that very subject. It emphasized a need to keep the Amish informed of events, as if they cared or needed it at all. The article relates how these faith-based farmers lived among us in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois with no mention of upstate New York where my photos were taken in Chronicle #21 only three days earlier.

I took those photos to emphasize just how different upstate is from downstate to require distinct treatment by a governor who has yet to respond timely to any of the warnings given to him by the experts. Like JFK Airport, metro New York, and now upstate, he continues to open the floodgates to infection without remorse or accountability. Instead he is getting accolades for his vast blunders which have directly caused thousands of coronavirus infections.

Andrew Cuomo is now the governor of the world’s largest pandemic epicenter, exceeding the entire nation of Italy which has three times the population of New York. And the “Band Plays On.” Read my whistle blower series, it is remarkably on point and proven correct with each passing day. Also, please sign our petition at Parenting Rights Institute.

In the end, I ask all of you to stay informed, healthy and faithful to the one who matters most, our creator, and don’t let the politicians or celebrities deceive you. Regardless of our trials and tribulations, today is a celebration of hope for a better tomorrow.


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