Corona Chronicles #23: King Cuomo trumped while Fredo freaks: Can it get any worse?


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Parents in America during this time of crisis have it bad enough struggling to make ends meet during an unprecedented home quarantine, trying to convince our children that they are in good hands with leaders on the front lines of this coronavirus pandemic.

Then comes the juvenile Chris Cuomo and a gang of governors intent on upstaging our federal government (we’re in charge now) as to the supreme power to reopen our national economy. The last time that happened, it was called the Civil War. President Trump referred to it as a mutiny of Democrat ingrates who got everything they demanded from our federal taxpayers.

How ironic it is then that only a few days ago I posted a feature regarding upstate New York which has historically sought to secede from downstate (the nation’s coronavirus epicenter) using West Virginia as precedent when it seceded from Virginia in 1863 over a slavery dispute. Upstate and downstate are entirely different worlds which Governor Andrew Cuomo commingles too often in his speeches.

Like brother Chris, confederate coup leader Andrew Cuomo picks fights with everyone, Senator Schumer, Mayor DeBlasio and President Trump to name a few. After sowing controversy he then takes credit for unity if and when that occurs. Now he’s at it again with his state superiority claim to reopen our national economy unlike any other nation in the world.

When called to task, Andrew deflects from his self-appointed power by telling us that we have a president and not a king. Duh, right Andy, but you’re neither. Just how much attention is enough for that glacial ego of yours? Can’t we all just get along? This is not the time for turf wars. Any union of states should have been coordinated with our federal government beforehand.

During the same week, Andy’s little brother Chris was also looking for fights, a near brawl on his front lawn with a biker when he should have been inside while stricken with coronavirus. It harkens back to last August when “sissy Chrissy” threatened to throw a kid heckler down a flight of stairs for asking the innocuous question why people keep referring to him as Fredo. You remember that lame character in the Godfather sequel who kept screwing up in the shadows of his brothers and father in the fictional Corleone family. It led to the front page photo above.

Sissy Chrissy lived up to the Fredo character when he made a big show of that insult and again this week with that biker. He should have been charged and arrested for his public threats as the rest of us might. But because he was a member of the Cuomo (not Corleone) family, he was allowed to slide.

The same occurred when top leaders and a close (family) aid to Governor Andrew Cuomo were indicted after his Moreland Commission on Public Corruption was shut down early due to testimony that began implicating his administration. Andy was one of the few who escaped accountability at the top of this corruption pyramid (He knew nothing).

On his show at CNN the same week, Chris Cuomo threw yet another tantrum, attacking both Democrats and Republicans who came on at his invite. He continued his tirade against his own colleagues and the network itself. He declared President Trump to be “full of shit” leaving only himself as the great one, free of all error.

On a roll, sissy Chrissy even bragged that he was too wealthy to need his CNN show. Had this ego-maniac been a member of any other credible news network, he would have been fired on the spot. But suddenly, today, he really didn’t mean what he said the prior night. And just like his brother’s spend-happy corruption, it was all swept away like it never happened.

In the Godfather movie, the eldest son (sonny) threw a temper tantrum which led to his ambush murder at a toll booth. Compare that to the tantrum of Andrew Cuomo when he challenged the federal government to pick which people to die at his epicenter due to a “fake” shortage of ventilators. It was the focus of last week’s Tucker Carlson show:

This video doesn’t exist



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