Corona Chronicles #25: God can’t save us from Covid-19, only Andy Cuomo can if you translate his rhetoric



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Above: a segment of Andrew Cuomo’s daily news conference was featured on The Ingraham Angle. Ever the deceiver, New York’s bombastic governor declares that God, faith and science are not behind our progress in slowing viral spread. He is?

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Has anyone loved himself more?

He condemned President Trump’s travel ban from China as early as January, he opened the floodgates at JFK when the head of the Port Authority became infected there, he boasted of New York City as the world’s welcoming center, he opposed the earliest quarantine of New York City proposed by its mayor, he did the same weeks later when considered by President Trump, he threatened to sue Rhode Island’s governor when she ordered a self-quarantine of all incoming New Yorkers, and he ordered a mass transfer of infected patients to upstate New York while a hospital ship sat empty at a Manhattan pier. In doing so, he violated expert protocols of “shelter in place.”

Yes, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made a giant hypocrisy of himself throughout this coronavirus pandemic. Like that grandstand in March calling out Florida spring breakers 1,000 miles away while failing to shut down his own playgrounds one mile away until April. Shockingly he did so during closed door news conferences with staff and reporters only inches apart. He decried social distancing of college breakers as highly “unintelligent,” but his example was brilliant as their high level example.

All the while, haughty-naughty Andy was presiding over the greatest human holocaust in modern history. His eminence dominated authority to such a degree that he even failed to put his lieutenant governor to use unlike the logical sharing of missions by the president and vice-president. He single-handedly escalated the spread of a killer virus overnight to make New York the world’s new epicenter, a stigma that will harm a great city and its hard-earned reputation for decades.

New York now has more infected human beings than entire nations such as Italy, Spain and China (the latter having 1.4 billion residents). Italy has three times the population of New York while the states of Texas and California, with twice the land area and population respectively, have only a fraction of the number of infections. Now how does this guy manage to get accolades as “America’s governor?” Such a performance record in any business enterprise would cause immediate discharge without pay, but in politics it is elevated to the highest levels.

And there is no shame in the failure. While urging cooperation, he is emulating the antics of his silver spoon, thug brother, “sissy Chrissy.” Andy has been picking fights with everyone, Senator Schumer, Mayor DeBlasio and President Trump to name a bi-partisan few, so as to deflect from his incompetent handling of this epidemic. Then he has the nerve to claim some kind of success because of a slowing of the carnage this past week.

I had all I could take of the egomania when a segment of his daily news conference was featured on the Laura Ingraham show last night. Now, Andy is greater than God himself! Check it out above. You don’t need to hire a politics interpreter to understand that when Cuomo says “we,” he means “I” in his brag session. “We” are far from clear of this virus, and if and when it does subside, history will confirm that Andrew Cuomo did more to cause the spread of Covid-19 than any other politician, orator or virology expert.

Even when asked by a timid reporter why he does not wear a face mask after ordering his “subjects” to do so, and what would happen if he became infected (like his brother), he arrogantly retorted that he would continue his dictatorship from his home throne. OMG, let’s hope not! He’s apt to have a sibling meltdown and condemn all the innocent virus victims for causing their own illnesses.

Yeah, Andy cannot even accept partial blame after quietly sliding through a record spending plan with fat raises while the rest of us struggle with unemployment, shaky stimulus payments and collapsed businesses. Who is going to pay for all these tax hikes?

It’s easy for a guy who’s never lived a poor day in his life to dictate that these lock-downs must last for months, even years, until the virus is eradicated. It’s easy to pontificate from his heavily guarded state mansion, but that is suicide for the people he is charged to serve. Or did he forget his constitutional role as a servant of the people. His “emergency power” is not limitless.

How do we get these politicians to stop bragging, stop spreading death and stop projecting failures on others? Just do your jobs! Do not exploit a crisis to extend dictatorial power. If you are a victim with some thoughts, send them to: or join our free conference calls every Monday and Thursday at 7pm ET. You can also call our office at (315) 380-3420.

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