Corona Chronicles #27: Top 15 Movies while in quarantine, what are yours?

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Okay, during this time of crisis, let’s try a lighter side to my Corona Chronicles: my Top 15 movies to watch. Each has a distinct reason for my infatuation, it could be adventure- #1, history- #2, principle- #13, bravery- #8, romance- #6, 7, 9, 10 & 11 (you can tell I’m a romantic),  humor- “Road Trip” (too many for this one to make the list), “daddy’s little girl”- Taken Two (Taken One also close on the list), my daughters’ favorite-Polar Express, or some other aspect which has enamored me sufficiently to watch them over and over again.

Often these movies simply make me smile, provide inspiration or realize that I’m not alone (we’re all in this together, hoping for a great final outcome). The Sound of Music, Wizard of Oz and Titanic are not included since I consider them (and others) to be all-time classics. This list gives you a better insight on who I am and why I stand so strongly behind my principles. Tell me your top picks, and I’ll give you the reasons for mine. I hope my selection motivates you to cheer up:

1)  Last of the Mohicans

2)  Stand By Me

3)  The Patriot

4)  Perfect Storm

5)  Sleepers

6)  Holiday

7)  Wedding Date

8)  Gladiator

9)  Something Borrowed

10)  P.S. I Love You

11)  Nights in Rodanthe

12)  The Polar Express

13)  First Blood

14)  Jaws

15)  Taken Two

One thought on “Corona Chronicles #27: Top 15 Movies while in quarantine, what are yours?

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