As Predicted, Rikers Inmates Back After Crime Spree and Retail Chain Returns $10 Million to Depleted Small Business Relief Fund, Conference Call Tonight 7pm


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

As the coronavirus pandemic takes its course here in America, countless law-abiding citizens are being trampled in its wake. The greedy rich and those with favored status are raiding public funds, exploiting insider information on the stock markets and arming their compounds with hoarded food in anticipation of a crime revolution.

It’s quickly becoming “every man for himself” and it is therefore critical for those left behind to unite for our own protection. That will be a subject of tonight’s open conference call at 7pm ET and every Monday and Thursday, same time, until further notice.

These Corona Chronicles are intended to keep you informed of vital events so that, as parents, we can navigate safely and effectively through this quickly-changing society. At Chronicle #24, we warned of a “Perfect Storm” dropping on our divorce and family courts. We are now preparing a report to address it.

At #22, we predicted that the rich and their lawyers have already raided the small business relief fund leaving “nothing to trickle down to the peasants.” And, among other predictions now proven correct, prisoners released from Rikers Island and other jails would quickly revert to a life of crime.

And so it is that the media reported over the weekend that some 10% of released prisoners at Rikers were already arrested and returned to their cells after such horrific crimes as assault, death threats upon accusers and one convict who managed to steal $9,000 in groceries. Yes you read that correctly, $9,000.

On the same day it was reported that a burger retail giant was returning $10 million to the federal SBA small business relief fund, part of that $2 trillion package approved by Congress. In only three weeks the entire fund was depleted by rich raiders who knew how to exploit the system. The burger chain “Shake Shack” made itself out to be magnanimous in its gesture to help smaller businesses more needy of the relief.

Meanwhile good citizens everywhere are being duped and left behind with little hope of ever returning to the stable society. We must take protective action while we can in anticipation of the so-called “new Normal” that awaits us.

To that end, we are continuing with our bi-weekly conference calls. All are welcome, tonight 7pm ET. Call (605) 313-4427. Access number when prompted: 583326. You can also reach me at or our office at (315) 380-3420.

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